Western / Various, Gourmet Guide

There are places where you can enjoy the cuisine of Western countries other than France and Italy. First, we have Spanish cuisine. One of the most popular Spanish dishes in Japan is paella. The seasoned rice cooked with a lot of seafood fits the Japanese taste perfectly.

Dishes al ajillo, jamón serrano or gazpacho are also well known in Japan. Most Spanish restaurants are very popular among the general public in Japan, and are considered to be places where you can have fun in a crowd. They have a more casual atmosphere than French or Italian restaurants, which could be the reason for their growing popularity in Japan. Not many people know that the deep-fried strips of dough called churros are actually a Spanish dessert, but they are often sold in amusement parks or movie theaters. In so-called "Spanish bars," you can eat small dishes referred to as tapas while drinking wine and sangria. These casual bars are popular with young men and women. Most German restaurants are similar to beer halls. Although beer is the most important thing here, they also have sauerkraut, sausage, and potato dishes. Only a few Japanese know that the hamburger steak is originally from Germany. Most places that call themselves a German restaurant offer imported German beer, but it seems to be that many Japanese people drink Japanese beer even while eating German food. On the other hand, the German delicacy known as Baumkuchen is so popular that even some Japanese candy manufacturers are using them as flagship products. Well-known dishes from Russian cuisine are borscht and beef stroganoff. They are commercially available in the form of roux or retort-pouches like there are for curry. You could say they have become typical home cooking dishes in Japan. Pirozhki, baked or fried buns, have been known in Japan for a long time. In Japan, most of them are fried in oil, but since sometimes they are arranged in a Japanese style, it depends on the store whether they have an authentic taste or not. The Swiss cheese fondue is especially popular among young women. It is often used as party food. Most places where you can eat cheese fondue are referred to as cheese fondue restaurants rather than Swiss restaurants. Mediterranean restaurants are called this way because they serve dishes from countries on the Mediterranean coast, such as Greece, Italy, or Spain. They use a lot of olive oil, and many dishes are made with vegetables, fruits, and seafood. Apart from that, there are other European restaurants, such as Greek, Turkish, or Portuguese restaurants. An American atmosphere is what sells American restaurants. They have many things on the menu like hamburgers and steaks. Hawaiian restaurants serve loco moco, pancakes, and other Hawaiian dishes, and are becoming increasingly popular among young women. Many restaurants are cafe-style places.

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