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  • Dinner 35,000 JPY
  • 03-3239-3111 (+81-3-3239-3111)
  • Tuesday - Sunday Dinner: 17:30 - 20:30(L.O.20:30)
  • Nagatacho(Tokyo)
    Subway Akasaka-Mitsuke Station Exit 7 3-minute walk

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Ronald N
Singapore, Singapore


Reviewed 04/Sep/2019

Over the years, I have been to Tour d'Argent 5 times before, and each time, I really enjoyed it. The service was impeccable and the food excellent. In fact, I have been praising it to my friends in Tokyo. On Sunday 11 August, I was back in Tokyo and was looking forward to going back to Tour d'Argen...t with a French friend of mine together with his Japanese wife. Because I have been praising the restaurant so much, they were looking forward to it as well. What a disappointment. We ordered the famed "Press Duck". It was Ok, The second dish, as part of that order, used to be a simple roasted leg of the duck. This time, there were fanciful stuff with it and detracted from the purity of the roast leg. Another disappointment. Finally, we were given a "certificate". Previous certificates, of which I have five of them, were classy with a picture of a chef preparing the duck on the front, and on the inside page, some history regarding the duck. This time, it was a postcard with a cartoon duck hugging a tower. It cheapens the whole experience. in my previous 5 trips, the restaurant was full. This time, only a few tables of patron. That tells all. I recognise some other staff. Their service was excellent. That's the only thing that reminds me of the previous experience, The staff was really excellent. When I expressed my disappointment regarding the "certificate", I could sense the staff was disapproving of the new certificate. If Tour d'Argent doesn't go back to its old tradition, I am afraid it will no longer be the place of which i have so much fond memory.

Visited August 2019

Singapore, Singapore

“A superb and incomparable dining experience”

Reviewed 16/May/2019

Combine French elegance and impeccable Japanese F&B service, and one gets La Tour d'Argent Tokyo. Dining here is definitely quite an experience. The decor is decidedly period French, a bit OTT, heavy with courtly awe, chandeliers, ceiling mirrors, drapes, a sense of reverence. One almost f...elt the necessity to whisper rather than talk loudly in case one disturbed the next table. However, being a Tuesday evening, we saw only three other covers, unless there were earlier diners because we had a late dinner. We were informed that the restaurant is rather popular during special public holidays and holiday seasons. The waiters are in coattails. A dress code for diners is mandatory - gentlemen in jackets and ladies in smart chic. All credit and praise to Maitre d'Hotel Kouichiro Harashima and his special team. The staff all stood at attention facing the diners; any slight nod or wave will bring a staff quickly but quietly to your side. And often anticipating your needs. Their service was faultless. My partner and I made a reservation at this restaurant just for one item on its dinner menu. And that is Duckling Frederic Delair. The dining experience was quite, quite superlative. We elected to have the entire duckling , which would mean breast meat as a first main and then drumstick as a second main. Before the dinner, we had met with the maitre d to inform him of my dietary restrictions. And he was very flexible. The meal started with an amuse bouche. As an appetizer, my partner opted for the duckling consomme, while the maitre d recommended for me just two spears of steamed white asparagus which was in season. The breast meat course was excellent. The dish was brought to the table and presented with a flourish 'voila'. The accompanying sauce, made from pressing the bones and extracting the marrow juices, then slow cooking it in the restaurant's own recipe, in the dining room in front of the diners, was simply divine. It was not heavy, just light enough, and tasted slightly peppery, to enhance the flavor of the breast meat which was still a bit red and juicy. The second main was a drumstick each. A finger bowl for each of us was brought to the table, because we opted to use our fingers. Such was the superb and attentive service. A sommelier was on hand to help us select a bottle of wine from a very thick and heavy list, a list we felt was on the high side, price wise. Nevertheless, the red wine went beautifully with the duck. Just as the main course ended, Harashima-san presented us a memento postcard - an authentic duckling number certificate, a tradition started in 1890 in Tour d'Argent Paris, and in 1984 in Tour d'Argent Tokyo. Our certificate says " Votre Caneton No: 260441" (Your Duckling no: 260441). The maitre d said that the certificate confirms that the duckling came from France. Then the maitre d suggested we move to an adjoining room for dessert and petit fours to enjoy a view of the garden which The Hotel New Otani is famous for. Definitely worth coming again, if only to experience, again, the impeccable service. Reservations recommended. Closed on Monday.

Visited May 2019

Tokyo, Japan


Reviewed 12/Sep/2018

Dear Tour D’Argent Tokyo Team, On September 8th 2018, I chose to celebrate at your restaurant my wedding anniversary. From the moment we arrived until the end of our dinner, I had the most extraordinary experience. While dining, I was explaining to my spouse that all employees were like in a balle...t choreography, serving, guiding, and recommending their guests with an incredible proximity, a comfortable presence, a perfect timing, combined with discretion and a high level of service. Staffs were dancing around us. The spectacle was beautiful and the choreography perfect. I will remember this dinner for its impeccable quality of service. Besides, we did also enjoy the dinner and the Sommelier recommendations. Each meal we selected was a delicious surprise and we enjoyed every bite of it. The wine selection by the glass was an exquisite experience and the Sommelier was very attentive and inspiring. We did also enjoy the atmosphere and heritage of this restaurant. Everything was so comfortable that it felt we were at home. The restaurant is really beautiful and well decorated with many heritage pieces from France. Last but not least, we were guided by Mister Bollard, restaurant Managing Director, who took the time to explain to us France’s history and Tour D’Argent’s history, making us travelling through time. My wife and me will keep this dinner in our memory for ever. Thank you to the team of Tour d’Argent for this unique experience. Congratulations to all of you for the hard work you put in the excellence of your art and for pleasing your guests.

Visited September 2018

Sydney, Australia


Reviewed 24/Sep/2017

I start by saying that the decor is sumptuous - read OTT - and the staff are wonderfully attentive. I took the special menu for hotel guests - 5 courses plus "petites douceurs", with cheeses available at an extra price. The 1st course - moules - was unsatisfying. The mussels themselves were tiny and... flavourless, and the accompaniments lacked definition in both flavour and texture. The taste of the listed ingredients was simply not there, apart from a gentle curry effect. The 2nd course - brochet en savarin - was better, but the accompanying "jus de ratatouille" and "sauce citron confit" were over-salty for my taste. The 3rd course - duck soup - was also very flavoursome, but again over-salted to my taste, and the promised "petits legumes" a little hard to find. For the 4th course, there was a choice between fish and duckling. I chose the former, rouget. It was overcooked and dry. The accompanying turnip in brioche managed to lack both flavour and texture, and did nothing to save the dish from mediocrity. The cheese selection was superb, and the cheeses that I chose were in perfect condition. The dessert was excellent - a rich fig paste ("jam" or "confit" might be better descriptors) en route, and a delicious berry sorbet. Likewise, the douceurs. The wine list is amazing (and expensive). I feel the magic of the mother ship in Paris hasn't translated to Tokyo. It's a pity, because the cost is not inconsiderable - 15,000 yen pp ++, together with wine, cheese and mineral water (annoyingly, good old tap water isn't available). In my experience, you can eat much better for much less in Tokyo.

Visited September 2017

Hong Kong, China


Reviewed 18/Jul/2016

We had a great dinner at Tour d'Argent!! The service and food was excellent, the ambiance was good as well. Never had this experience before and hope to visit again. I really recommend this place to everyone! Remember, ask for the sommelier recommendation!!

Visited March 2016

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