STEAK HOUSE sandbar 茅ヶ崎サザン通り

STEAK HOUSE sandbar Chigasaki Chigasakisazandori

  • Credit Card
  • Wi-Fi
  • Private Room
  • Non-Smoking
  • English Menu
  • English OK
  • Steak,Wine,Italian Cuisine
  • Lunch 1,500 JPY Dinner 3,000 JPY
  • 0467-83-6263 (+81-467-83-6263)
  • Lunch: 12:00 - 15:00(L.O.14:30), Dinner: 17:00 - 22:00(L.O.21:00, Drink L.O. 21:30)
  • Chigasaki / Samukawa(Kanagawa)
    JR Chigasaki Station South Exit 5-minute walk

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*Ingredients listed are representative and may not include everything in the dish.Additional ingredients may be used. Depending on season and availability, ingredients may change.

*Photos shown are for illustration purpose only.

*Price may vary.

* Amount is Japanese Yen (JPY)


Thickly cut and grilled food ingredients such as meat, seafood, and vegetables.

US beef wild cut steak

Bite size steak

A thick cut of beef grilled and cut into bite-size pieces.

  • Ingredients: Beef
  • Cooking: Bake/Roast

tax excluded

US beef



Thickly cut and grilled food ingredients such as meat, seafood, and vegetables.

  • Ingredients: Beef: others
  • Cooking: Bake/Roast

tax excluded

Wagyu beef wild cut steak

Wagyu beef steak

Thickly cut and grilled Japanese beef called "Wagyu" beef.

tax excluded

特選 黒毛和牛ロースステーキ

Wagyu beef loin steak


Wagyu beef loin thickly sliced and grilled.

  • Ingredients: Japanese black wagyu, Beef loin
  • Cooking: Bake/Roast

tax excluded


Bread or rice

tax excluded


Garlic toast

  • Ingredients: Garlic, Wheat flour
  • Cooking: Bake/Roast

tax excluded


Onion soup

  • Ingredients: Onion
  • Cooking: Simmer

tax excluded

Hamburger steak


Hamburg steak with demi-glace sauce

Hamburg steak stewed in demi-glace sauce.

  • Ingredients: Ground beef
  • Flavor: Demi-glace sauce
  • Cooking: Bake/Roast

tax excluded


Hamburg steak with onion sauce


Hamburger steak covered in onion sauce.

  • Ingredients: Ground meat, Onion
  • Cooking: Bake/Roast

tax excluded

Blue cheese sauce

Hamburg steak with cheese sauce

Hamburger steak covered in cheese sauce.

  • Ingredients: Ground meat, Blue cheese
  • Cooking: Bake/Roast

tax excluded

hamburg & Wild cut beef steak

Spencer roll steak and hamburg steak combo


Spencer roll steak and hamburg steak served together.

  • Ingredients: Beef spencer roll, Ground meat
  • Cooking: Bake/Roast

tax excluded

Cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese

  • Ingredients: Tomato, Cheese
  • Cooking: Harden/Congeal

tax excluded


Dish where vegetables and other ingredients are eaten with dressing.


Green salad

  • Ingredients: Tomato, Lettuce
  • Cooking: Mix/Blend

tax excluded


Caesar salad

  • Ingredients: Lettuce
  • Flavor: Caesar dressing
  • Cooking: Mix/Blend

tax excluded



Prosciutto trimmings

  • Ingredients: Raw ham
  • Cooking: Cut

tax excluded


Assorted appetizers, 4 kinds

Platter of 4 kinds of appetizers.

  • Ingredients: Dried tomatoes, Cheese, Raw ham, Pickles

tax excluded


Assorted cheese, 3 kinds

Platter of 3 kinds of of cheese.

  • Ingredients: Cheese

tax excluded

grind beef & Galvanzo stew with baguette

Beef stew

Bite-sized beef and vegetables stewed in a sauce with red wine and tomatoes.

  • Ingredients: Beef, Carrot, Potato
  • Cooking: Stew

tax excluded

Mussels and dry Tomatoes al ajillo with baguette

Mussels al ajillo

A Spanish dish consisting of mussels simmered in garlic, olive oil, etc.

  • Ingredients: Mussel, Garlic, Dried tomatoes
  • Flavor: Olive oil
  • Cooking: Stew

tax excluded


Cream of pumpkin soup

  • Ingredients: Pumpkin, Fresh cream
  • Cooking: Simmer

tax excluded


Dish prepared by deep-frying ingredients in oil.

Wedge cut french fries with anchovy sauce

Anchovy and potato

A dish made from anchovy (a pickled small fish) and potato

  • Ingredients: Potato, Anchovy
  • Cooking: Stir-fry

tax excluded

Bite sides deep fry flounders and wedge cut french fries

Fish and chips

English dish of white fish such as cod fried and served with stick-shaped French fries.

  • Ingredients: Potato
  • Cooking: Deep-fry

tax excluded


Fried cartilage

Chicken bones called "nankotsu," breaded and fried with oil.

  • Ingredients: Chicken cartilage
  • Cooking: Deep-fry

tax excluded


Chocolate brownie and vanilla icecream with raspberry sauce


Confection prepared from pastry dough made of chocolate and cocoa powder, etc., poured into a quadrangular shape mold, then baked.

  • Ingredients: Hen's egg, Wheat flour, Milk, Chocolate, Nuts
  • Flavor: Butter
  • Cooking: Bake/Roast

tax excluded

NZ Vanilla icecream

Vanilla ice cream

  • Ingredients: Hen's egg, Milk
  • Flavor: Vanilla essence
  • Cooking: Freeze

tax excluded

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Lunch: 12:00 - 15:00(L.O.14:30), Dinner: 17:00 - 22:00(L.O.21:00, Drink L.O. 21:30)


Every Tuesday 2nd Thursday

Average price

Lunch: 1,500 JPY
Dinner: 3,000 JPY

Service Offer

  • English menu available
  • English speaking staff available

You can check the restaurant information in the phone.

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