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  • Steak,Bistro,French Cuisine
  • Lunch 3,500 JPY Dinner 14,000 JPY
  • 03-5725-2525 (+81-3-5725-2525)
  • Lunch: 11:30 - 15:00(L.O.14:00), Dinner: 18:00 - 23:00(L.O.22:00)
  • Ebisu(Tokyo)
    Tokyu Toyoko Line Daikan-yama Station 5-minute walk

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Back East

“Very good beef....no doubt”

Reviewed 06/Jun/2017

When we were in Tokyo for a business trip and one does not do sushi, a place like Hugo's is a welcome place to visit. The beef was cooked perfectly. We decided to pick the complete meal with a variety of dishes. It did not disappoint. We decided to sit in front of the chefs so it was a treat to hav...e a show as well. The staff was friendly and the service was good. Was it cheap? No way but it was delicious so I would go back.

Visited May 2017

Dusseldorf, Germany

“Very good steaks, but pricey”

Reviewed 14/Apr/2017

I'm a meat lover and have dined at many of the best steak restaurants. Hugo Desnoyer doesn't disappoint with the quality of the meat. It's from Kagoshima, juicy, tender, nicely marbled, but not your typical Wagyu, thus by far not as fatty. It could easily pass as top grade American beef. We had a f...ew appetizers as well. They were very good too. Service was good, but not top notch. One issue with the place is value. Prices are a bit over the top. If on an expense account, you can enjoy Hugo Desnoyer. If value is an issue for you, reconsider.

Visited April 2017

Paris, France

“Good meat in Tokyo but little quantity ...”

Reviewed 11/Feb/2017

We went there for lunch without booking and were immediately seated at the counter. We had a plate of mixed delicatessen and two types of meat: French and Japanese from Kumamoto (Kyushu island). The delicatessen were good as expected in a good French restaurant and the meats were succulent. Though d...o not expect the Japanese meat to be as fat as "wagyu" you could get from Japanese yakiniku restaurants; still it was soft and savory. So go there if you want to taste some good meat. However, be aware that the portions are rather small with 150g of meat per serving and small plates of vegetable. Price for lunch ~6000¥/person including a glass of wine.

Visited February 2017

Hong Kong, China

“Not exceptional”

Reviewed 06/Jul/2016

We went to this place thinking that we will have an amazing meat experience but it wasn't the case. The place itself is nice although not very centrally located. Is rather hard to order since the waiters don't really speak English. There is a limited selection of food (mainly only meat) but is no...t exceptional. If you want the best meat in town definitely go to Jean-Georges in Roppongi Hills or Peter at The Peninsula.

Visited May 2016

Tokyo, Japan

“Had high hopes, and was thoroughly disappointed”

Reviewed 11/Apr/2016

Let me begin this review by saying that I am an avid and passionate meat eater. I am an ultimate foodie, and meat (particularly steaks and high end burgers) are my area of expertise. Why makes me an expert? Well, I have lived in the gastronomic city that is Tokyo for nearly a decade now, and I have ...had my fair share of dining at all sorts of restaurants in this glorious city, as well as around the world. I even lived in Paris for a period of time last year, so I have been exposed to "la gastronomie française" in its truest form. I eat out almost every day, and I eat meat about five times a week. Savoring a juicy, rich, luscious piece of steak is nirvana for me. So. I think that Monsieur Hugo Desnoyer would be shattered to know that his beloved Tokyo restaurant is serving less-than-satisfactory beef. The ironic thing is that this restaurant even has a "meat expert". When I tried to order my dinner, the waiter stopped me midway and explained to me that his capabilities were limited, and he could not take the meat order from me. Then he left, and a different waiter appeared at my table, announcing herself as the "meat expert". She assured me that I could trust her guidance on selecting the best beef the restaurant had to offer; however, the outcome was devastating. The French limousin beef we ordered was not just mediocre. It was, to put it nicely, quite atrocious. To my surprise (and horror), the beef gradually tasted worse and worse the more I ate it. The texture was eerily similar to that of tuna. I was completely stunned! Had the chef accidentally cook tuna and now attempted to pass it off as beef fillet? What a heinous crime! And the taste of the beef... Well, there wasn't much, to be honest. There was no umami at all, and I had to shower my fillet in salt and pepper just to get through it. To make things worse, there were plenty of gristle in the meat - you know, that tough inedible tissue, also known as cartilage. I would not have minded the ¥10000+ (roughly USD $100+) price tag on the beef. In fact, I would gladly pay more for a fine piece of steak. But this, this was simply unforgivable. In addition to the beef, we also ordered the white asparagus and the roasted beef risotto - both with black truffle. It was basically two sticks of cold asparagus for $30, and a small plate of risotto - which turned out to be the best dish we had that night. So, nothing too abhorrent, but also not spectacular. I have gone so far as to attach the photos of the food I ordered (but did not finish!) just to prove how looks are not everything, and that they can be highly deceiving. I know that the photos might make your stomach rumble, but beware, they are misleading. All in all, I would rate, out of 10 (10 being the best): Service: 5/10 (The waiters seemed new, or perhaps just under-trained. Not very responsive, and quite slow. Definitely did not put the customer first.) Food quality: 4/10 (As you have already read above.) Value: 2/10 (If you want value for money, or simply a good meal, I would not recommend this restaurant.) I hate to be this harsh, but my experience at Hugo Desnoyer last night has left me no choice. I usually only leave reviews for outstanding restaurants, but I have made an exception this time, because I feel like it is my duty to warn my fellow meat-eaters, so that they should not have to taste the disappointment like I did.

Visited April 2016

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Lunch: 11:30 - 15:00(L.O.14:00), Dinner: 18:00 - 23:00(L.O.22:00)


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Lunch: 3,500 JPY
Dinner: 14,000 JPY

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