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Restaurant guide for travelers and residents in Japan.

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Simple and Easy Restaurant Search

  • English version is now available.

    Search from 80,000 restaurants! Sushi, Tempura, Steakhouse, etc.

  • Just specify preferences and find a restaurant for your needs in seconds.

    Set your budget to avoid overspending. Try the GPS function to find a restaurant nearby.

  • Menus with Japanese translation

    Don't worry if you don't speak Japanese! Menu pages have Japanese translations. Show the menu page on the application and just point to the menu when you order.

  • Special discounts

    Look for special coupons only available for the English version!

Travellers to Japan~Make better use of Smartphones in Japan~

Using your smartphones in Japan could be a costly option for the roaming.
Flat-rate-pricing wouldn’t apply to devices brought in from other countries.

Rental Wi-Fi Router Service "Wi-Ho!"
A Wi-Fi router lets your smartphones access to the Internet anywhere in Japan.
This is so-called a “handy hot-spot”.

Features of "Wi-Ho!"

  1. You can pick it up at the counters of international airports in Japan with previous reservation.
  2. Easy setup and you are already connected!
  3. Weights just 80 grams (2.8oz) to be put in your pocket.
  4. One router for up to five devices at once. (Aren’t you coming with your friends!?)
  5. Use it all the time. Its flat-rate-pricing won’t make you worry about unaffordable bills.

Pick it up at the airport
Return it at the airport

Details & Inquiries

Rental services provided by TelecomSquare Inc.