November 16, 2015

Charcoal-grilled fisherman hut cuisine

Charcoal-grilled fisherman hut cuisine

Dried Fish Splendidly Charcoal-toasted on a Large Sunken Hearth are Exquisite

Enjoy Japan's Traditional Food "Himono" to Satisfaction
Since the ancient Jomon era Japanese have loved dried fish, or "himono."
To extract the maximum limit of that himono's deliciousness it is grilled using Ubame oak charcoal.
With strong far-infrared and a high temperature reaching 1000 degrees, the outside is crisply fragrant and the ingredients flavour thoroughly condensed.
Hand-selected nationwide, the flavour of our himono is doubled through the sunlight and ocean breeze! Our specialties include a 30cm (mega!?) extra-large Atka mackerel and a meaty splendid alfonsino! Such exceptional quality is our appeal!

Splendidly Ubame Charcoal-toasted Charcoal Cuisine

Superbly charcoal-toasted with masterfully adroit skill! With the strong far-infrared radiation from the the flames of the charcoal fire and high temperatures reaching 1000 degrees, the exterior is grilled crisply fragrant and the interior fluffily soft to thoroughly condense the ingredients flavour within. Our hand-selected Ubame oak charcoal does not smoke easily nor does it tend to impart bitterness, so being able to prepare ingredients without losing any of their true flavour is high among its charms.
The highest class of branded himono in Onahama, Fukushima Pref., "Hansuke," is acknowledged among skilled artisans as being only a truly quality item, so it bears a special band indicating as much. If you try Hansuke but even once you will surely become addicted to its exquisite flavour. Please enjoy "the spirit of a true artisan" that is the quality of the true flavour of ingredients displayed to the maximum in our handmade himono.
Fish (appetisers) and liquor match quite well. And so, himono restaurants also specialise in drink.
Especially of Japanese sake, our shopkeeper tests bottle by bottle to stock local sake from around the entire nation.
Honed brewer's rice has a sweetness and richness, to say nothing of its brilliant aroma, and its clear finish in the throat.
Please enjoy the outstanding deliciousness of the traditional Japanese cuisine that is himono together with the likewise traditional liquor that is Japanese sake together in harmony.

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