February 1, 2016

HAMAZUSHI-Japan's Largest Conveyor Belt Sushi Chain

Hamazushi—Japan’s Largest Conveyor Belt Sushi Chain

HAMAZUSHI-Japan's Largest Conveyor Belt Sushi Chain

Hamazushi is a popular Japanese chain of conveyor belt sushi restaurants. They purchase fresh seafood from around the world so you can enjoy seasonally delicious sushi.

Hamazushi is known for having astonishingly low prices.
Many menu items are ¥100 per plate (before tax), so even eating 10 plates will cost you a mere ¥1,000 (before tax). There is even a discount on weekdays, at only ¥90 (before tax) a plate, so you can always enjoy any sushi you desire.
Hamazushi is proud of its extensive offerings—more than 100 varieties. No matter how often you visit, you’re always sure to discover something new.

The Joy of Sushi at ¥100 Per Plate

In Japan, where sushi is abundant, Hamazushi is a stand-out favorite. Visiting at any peak time and you will find crowds of people from children to seniors happily enjoying their sushi. There are three reasons for Hamazushi’s overwhelming popularity.

First, Hamazushi offers excellent quality for the price. Standby menu items such as tuna and salmon are a bargain, at ¥100 (before tax) per plate. Despite the low price these favorites are always tender and flavorful. In addition to staple items, Hamazushi has a special seasonal menu featuring sushi made with items at the peak of their flavor and freshness.

Second, Hamazushi also has an extensive lineup of menu items other than sushi. Unlike most sushi restaurants, you’ll find offerings such as noodles—both soba and udon, deep-fried foods, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, and desserts…so much to choose from. You might choose to nibble on edamame as you sip some sake. After the meal, how about dessert? Maybe coffee and a cake? There are menu items to please any diner, regardless of the occasion.

Third, Hamazushi works constantly to ensure its food is fresh and delicious. All sushi is kept fresh by a special system that automatically takes items off the conveyer after a set amount of time. The restaurant also offers tempura and french fries cooked to order. Hamazushi concentrates on serving food when it is at its best.
Hamazushi is the place to go if you want to enjoy fresh and delicious sushi and more at a great price. If you’re in Japan, there is no reason not to visit Hamazushi.

Visiting Hamazushi

First, you enter the restaurant. Take a ticket from the machine to get a number. Wait until your number is called then follow the server to your table and take a seat. Hamazushi offers both counter and table seating.

Help yourself to chopsticks and complimentary green tea.
To make tea, just take a spoonful of powdered tea from the pot and add hot water from the tap near your seat at the counter or table. Green tea is considered to be the perfect beverage to enjoy with sushi.
If you prefer another beverage, cold water is also available - just help yourself.

You can order by selecting menu items on the touch screen. The screen toggles to an English menu, too, so give it a try! When the items you’ve ordered near your table, an announcement alerts you - so don’t forget to pick them up.

From the conveyor lane, just pick up a plate of your favorite sushi. The plates on the red and blue stands are dishes someone has ordered, so don’t pick those up unless you placed the order.

Soy sauce is an essential sushi seasoning.
Hamazushi provides five types of soy sauce specially paired to go well with sushi. Even in Japan, preferences on soy sauce strength and flavor differ depending on the region. Try out different varieties to see what tastes best on your sushi.

Note: Soy sauce selection differs by restaurant.

After you finish eating, leave your plates on the table rather than returning them to the conveyor belt. To communicate with wait staff, just call out or press the green button to the right of the touch screen.

When you are ready to pay, press the yellow button to the right of the touch screen. A waiter will come along and count the number of plates in front of you and calculate your total. You pay at the register.

In Japan, it is not customary to leave tips.
Rather than with money, express your satisfaction with a heartfelt “arigato!”

Things to Remember to Make Dining at Hamazushi Enjoyable

1. When you take items from the conveyor lane, take the entire plate, not just food on top.

2. After eating, do not return your plates to the conveyor belt.
Stack them up on the table instead.

Hamazushi Makes It Easy to Get into the Spirit of Japanese Food

From ¥100 per Plate!

Many sushi dishes at Hamazushi are priced at a reasonable ¥100 (before tax). This means you can focus on enjoying the food rather than worrying about price. Why not try out some sushi you’ve never had before?

A Range of Unusual Toppings—Sushi with Meat?!

You’ll find an extensive variety of sushi offerings: everything from traditional varieties to numerous original meat-based sushi, like roast beef, minced beef and uncured ham.
The restaurant also has a side menu with items like udon and soba noodles, salads and french fries.

Not Only Sushi
Enjoy Sweets—Like Being in a Café

Sushi is not the only type of dish going around the conveyor belt. Hamazushi also offers a wide range of sweets. You can enjoy a slice of baked cheesecake, chocolate cake or other authentic sweets at a great price. Even coffee and lattes are available so you can enjoy a drink with your dessert.


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