January 8, 2019

Kuimono-ya Wan - Izakaya restaurants

Kuimono-ya Wan - Izakaya Guide

We're an izakaya, meaning a traditional Japanese pub. Let us tell you more about Kuimono-ya Wan!

Kuimonoya Wan, Main Image.

Our Interior

We use traditional materials such as wood, bamboo, and even kimono belts called obi to create a soft, warm lighting that is reminiscent of what an old Japanese home would have looked like 100 years ago.
For that, we purchased wood used in real Japanese houses like that, choosing pieces that matched our own shop's interior.
That means that about 200 wooden parts from old Japanese homes make up what is our shop, Kuimono-ya Wan.

Kuimonoya Wan, interior

Our Food

We focus on Japanese creative cuisine called sōsaku ryōri. Our diverse menu caters to casual eaters and gourmets both young and old! We change our menu every year in April. On top of that, we also enrich it with new and improved dishes throughout the year, guaranteeing new gourmet discoveries with every visit. Cheese tsukune (meatballs), daikon oden (radish hotchpotch), and tori no karaage (fried chicken)—we also improved some of our most-beloved dishes, classics since the shop first opened, to make them even more delicious!

Kuimonoya Wan, food

Kuimono-ya Wan's Otōshi

Otōshi are an inherent part of Japanese izakaya culture; small dishes and appetizers that often act as a cover charge. To offer our guests a healthy balance of food, Kuimono-ya Wan serves salad as otōshi. By eating vegetables and greens as appetizers, carbohydrates are absorbed by the body in a gentle way. That prevents a sudden rise in blood sugar levels and the excessive consumption of sugar. Look forward to free salad refills and don't hesitate to tell us your choice of dressing!

Kuimono-ya Wan's Shime Dishes

Shime is another aspect of izakaya culture, meaning the "last dish of the evening before heading home." At Kuimono-ya Wan, you can look forward to a flavorful bowl of miso soup.
The soybean protein contained in the soup lowers the cholesterol levels in the blood while also strengthening the blood vessels.

Our Tableware

At Kuimono-ya Wan, even the tableware is an important part of our concept. The "Wan" in our name is the Japanese word for "bowl".
Some of our tableware is authentic ceramics and a Japanese pottery style called Mashiko ware.
Beer is served in pottery as well. With this careful selection of glasses and Mashiko ware, we hope to make your dining experience even more special.
We're looking forward to welcoming you at Kuimono-ya Wan!

Kuimonoya Wan, Tableware

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