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Mosaic near, Soba Noodles of gourmet restaurant list

"MOSAIC" is located in the eastern side of Kobe Harbor Land. Formerly called "Kobe MOSAIC," it is now renewed as " umie MOSAIC" and has become a popular visiting spot.Mosaic opened in 1992 as a comprehensive commercial facility with shops, restaurants, and amusement spots on the former site of Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation. When Kobe Harbor Land was renovated to become "umie" in 2013, "MOSAIC" also changed its name to "umie MOSAIC." In the following year, "Kobe Anpanman Children's Museum and Mall" also opened in the former site of "MOSAIC GARDEN." It is surrounded by the ocean and canal and overlooks Kobe Port Tower and Meriken Park across the bay. There are several terrace and those that have launched their first shops in Japan here. During day time, it is crowded with families and at night, visitors can enjoy a night view with beautiful illuminations in a romantic atmosphere.

  • Hyogo Mosaic 1,000m
  • Noodles (Ramen / Soba / Udon / etc.) Soba Noodles

 なか卯 神戸元町店


  • Kobe Motomachi / Tor Road (Hyogo)
  • Gyudon (Beef bowls), Soba Noodles, Rice Bowls (Gyudon / Tendon / Oyakodon / Katsudon / etc.)
  • Lunch 600 JPY Dinner 600 JPY
  • JR Kobe Line Motomachi Station 1-minute walk

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神戸牛らーめん 八坐和
Ramen, Steak, Gyoza (Chinese dumplings)

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