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Canal city Hakata near, Deep-fried breaded skewers (Meat and Vegetables) of gourmet restaurant list

Canal city Hakata, complex commercial facility in Fukuoka city Hakata district consited of 7 building cluster such as Opa building, Fukuoka washington hotel building, Business center building,Grand Hyatt Fukuoka building. As name of canal, canal is flowin on the first basement floor. In the stage alongside facilities central canal, music live, various performance, program recording by television station are conducted. Many people crowded there. In west side of Canal city Hakata, The largest entertainment district in Kyushu, Nakasu is located on.

  • Fukuoka Canal city Hakata 1,000m
  • Yakitori (Grilled Meat and Vegetables Skewers) / Meat Dishes Deep-fried breaded skewers (Meat and Vegetables)

 みそかつ 矢場とん


  • Credit Card
  • Private Room
  • Smoking
  • English Menu
  • English Speaking Staff
  • Hakata Station Hakata Entrance (Fukuoka)
  • Tonkatsu (Panko-Fried Pork Cutlets), Deep-fried breaded skewers (Meat and Vegetables)
  • Lunch 1,260 JPY Dinner 1,680 JPY
  • JR Hakata Station 1-minute walk

 噂のこの串かつあのおでん 博多駅前倶楽部

Uwasa no kono Kushikatsu ano Oden

  • Credit Card
  • Smoking
  • Hakata Station Hakata Entrance (Fukuoka)
  • Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Deep-fried breaded skewers (Meat and Vegetables), Oden
  • Dinner 2,500 JPY
  • JR Hakata Station Hakata Exit 5-minute walk

 串揚げ ひょうたん 博多店


  • Credit Card
  • Smoking
  • English Menu
  • Hakata Station Hakata Entrance (Fukuoka)
  • Fried Skewers (Meat and Vegetables), Deep-fried breaded skewers (Meat and Vegetables)
  • Dinner 3,500 JPY
  • JR Hakata Station 6-minute walk

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