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Fuji Grand Kitajima near of gourmet restaurant list

"Fuji Grand Kitajima" is a shopping center located in 174 Nishinosu, Tainohama, Kitajima-cho, Itano-gun, Tokushima Prefecture. It is a convenient shopping complex that opened in November 2001 in Kitajima, a town located in the Itano District which again is located in the central suburbs of Tokushima city. The third floor features a cinema. Itano Distric is the district with the highest population density in Shikoku, and even in the whole of Chugoku and Kinki region it is one of the top five districts with the highest population density. The population of Aizimi and Kitajima in Itano District is increasing year by year despite the fact that Tokushima Prefecture is suffering from depopulation. Fuji Grand Kitajima is a convenient commercial facility where you have all kinds of fashion goods, food items, and more - all in one place.

  • Tokushima Fuji Grand Kitajima 1,000m

 バーミヤン 徳島北島店


  • Naruto (Tokushima)
  • Chinese
  • Lunch 900 JPY Dinner 1,200 JPY
  • JR Kotoku Line Yoshinari Station Car 9-minute

 サブウェイ フジグラン北島店


  • Naruto (Tokushima)
  • Fast Food, Bread / Sandwich
  • Lunch 600 JPY Dinner 600 JPY
  • JR Kotoku Line Yoshinari Station Car 7-minute

 ケンタッキーフライドチキン フジグラン北島店

KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken

  • Naruto (Tokushima)
  • Fast Food
  • Lunch 650 JPY Dinner 800 JPY
  • JR Kotoku Line Yoshinari Station Car 7-minute

 リンガーハット フジグラン北島店

Ringer Hut

  • Naruto (Tokushima)
  • Champon (Nagasaki Style Noodles), Gyoza (Chinese dumplings), Chinese Other
  • Lunch 700 JPY Dinner 700 JPY
  • JR Kotoku Line Yoshinari Station Car 7-minute

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