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Usa Jingu is a Shinto shrine located in 2859 Minamiusa, Usa, Oita Prefecture, and is known for being the head shrine of a little more than 40,000 Hachiman Shrines in Japan. Yahata Ookami (Emperor Ōjin), Hime Ookami and Empress Jingu have been deified and enshrined here in the second year of Jinki (725). The main hall is constructed in the Hachiman-zukuri style and has been designated a National Treasure. Other shrines, such as the Wakamiya Shrine, have also been designated as a National Important Cultural Property. Wakamiya Shrine is known for its deity who provides protection from calamities and misfortune. In addition, since ancient times Usa jingu has its own amulet, the "shinme suzu" (sacred horse bell). It is shaped like a white horse, which is Hachiman's animal spirit and messenger, and has been gaining popularity among shrine visitors.

  • Oita Usa Jingu Shrine 1,000m

Oita Recommend Restaurant

 さかなや道場 別府東口店

Sakanaya Dojo

  • Credit Card
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Private Room
  • Smoking
  • English Menu
  • English Speaking Staff
  • Beppu (Oita)
  • Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub)
  • Dinner 2,800 JPY
  • JR Nippo Main Line Beppu Station 4-minute walk

 ゆずの雫 大分駅前店

Yuzu no Shizuku

  • Funaimachi (Oita)
  • Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Local / Regional Cuisine
  • Lunch 900 JPY Dinner 3,000 JPY
  • JR Nippo Main Line Oita Station 5-minute walk

 かんてきや 都町店


  • Credit Card
  • Private Room
  • Miyakomachi (Oita)
  • Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Local / Regional Cuisine
  • Dinner 2,500 JPY
  • JR Oita Station 10-minute walk

 かんてきや 大分本店


  • Private Room
  • Other Oita City (Oita)
  • Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Local / Regional Cuisine
  • Dinner 3,500 JPY
  • JR Oita Station North Exit 3-minute walk

 居楽屋白木屋 中津南口駅前店


  • Credit Card
  • Private Room
  • Nakatsu (Oita)
  • Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Sashimi (Raw Sliced Fish), Yakitori (Grilled Chicken Skewers)
  • Dinner 2,300 JPY
  • JR Nippo Main Line Nakatsu Station South Exit 1-minute walk

 焼肉 牛角 あけのアクロスタウン店


  • English Menu
  • Other Oita City (Oita)
  • Yakiniku (BBQ), Horumon (Offal)
  • Lunch 1,000 JPY Dinner 2,700 JPY
  • JR Nippo Main Line Takajo Station 32-minute walk

 すき家 500号別府石垣店


  • Beppu (Oita)
  • Gyudon (Beef bowls), Rice Bowls (Gyudon / Tendon / Oyakodon / Katsudon / etc.), Teishoku (Japanese Style Set Meals)
  • Lunch 570 JPY Dinner 570 JPY
  • JR Nippo Main Line Beppu-Daigaku Station 17-minute walk

 ガスト 中津店


  • Nakatsu (Oita)
  • Hamburg Steak / Salisbury steak, Family Restaurants, Japanese Style Western Food
  • Lunch 700 JPY Dinner 800 JPY
  • JR Nippo Main Line Nakatsu Station Car 5-minute

 サブウェイ アミュプラザおおいた店


  • Other Oita City (Oita)
  • Fast Food, Bread / Sandwich
  • Lunch 600 JPY Dinner 600 JPY
  • JR Oita Station 1-minute walk

 丸亀製麺 別府店

Marugame Seimen

  • Beppu (Oita)
  • Sanuki Udon, Udon Noodles, Tempura (Deep Fried Shrimp and Vegetables)
  • Lunch 565 JPY Dinner 610 JPY
  • JR Nippo Main Line Beppu-Daigaku Station 15-minute walk

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