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Tsutenkaku near of gourmet restaurant list

The first Tsutenkaku was built by emulating the Eiffel Tower in late Meiji period. After it was destroyed in the World War, the current Tsutenkaku was rebuilt. In addition to its familiar feature such as the neon colors that tell the weather, new features including the illuminations are being added now. Admission fee to the observation platform is 500 yen. With additional fee, visitors can experience "Skywalk" as they walk on the wind-swept catwalk. In recent years, the Shinsekai district where visitors can enjoy class B gourmand food like skewered cutlets is attracting attention as a new sightseeing spot. In the underground Tsutenkaku theater, people can enjoy "manzai (two-people comedy act)" and "Kamigata Rakugo (traditional story-telling)," but there are also various other theaters and entertainment facilities nearby.

  • Osaka Tsutenkaku 1,000m

 マクドナルド 天王寺北口店


  • Tennoji / Abeno (Osaka)
  • Fast Food, Hamburgers, Coffee
  • Lunch 500 JPY Dinner 500 JPY
  • Subway Tanimachi Line Tennoji Station 2-minute walk

 個室居酒屋 鶏のよりみち 天王寺店

Tori no Yorimichi

  • Smoking
  • Tennoji / Abeno (Osaka)
  • Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Yakitori (Grilled Chicken Skewers), Nabe (Japanese Style Hot Pot)
  • Dinner 2,990 JPY
  • JR Tennoji Station 1-minute walk

 串家物語 天王寺MIO店


  • Tennoji / Abeno (Osaka)
  • Buffet, Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Deep-fried breaded skewers (Meat and Vegetables)
  • Lunch 1,500 JPY Dinner 2,000 JPY
  • Minatomirai Line Shin-Takashima Station 7-minute walk

 ぢどり亭 大国町店


  • Credit Card
  • Private Room
  • Smoking
  • Around Namba Station (Osaka)
  • Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Local / Regional Cuisine, Chicken Dishes
  • Dinner 2,550 JPY
  • Subway Midosuji Line Daikokucho Station Exit 6 1-minute walk

 CoCo壱番屋 浪速区日本橋五丁目店

Curry House CoCo ICHIBANYA

  • (Osaka)Nippombashi (Osaka)
  • Fast Food, Curry Other
  • Lunch 900 JPY Dinner 900 JPY
  • Subway Sakaisuji Line Ebisucho Station 4-minute walk

 なにわ味 贔屓屋天王寺店


  • Credit Card
  • Private Room
  • Smoking
  • Tennoji / Abeno (Osaka)
  • Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Yakitori (Grilled Chicken Skewers), Sukiyaki (Japanese Beef Hot Pot)
  • Lunch 850 JPY Dinner 2,900 JPY
  • Subway Midosuji Line Tennoji Station 3-minute walk

 楓林閣 (ふうりんかく)アベノ店


  • Credit Card
  • Private Room
  • Tennoji / Abeno (Osaka)
  • Chinese, Beijing, Chinese Other
  • Lunch 950 JPY Dinner 4,000 JPY
  • JR Tennoji Station 2-minute walk

 蕎麦・鍋 冨士屋


  • Credit Card
  • Private Room
  • Tennoji / Abeno (Osaka)
  • Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Japanese Other, Nabe (Japanese Style Hot Pot)
  • Lunch 900 JPY Dinner 2,500 JPY
  • JR Tennoji Station West Exit 2-minute walk

 串かつ・ホルモン専門店 朝日


  • Credit Card
  • Smoking
  • English Menu
  • Shinsekai (Osaka)
  • Deep-fried breaded skewers (Meat and Vegetables), Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Yakiniku (BBQ)
  • Dinner 1,800 JPY
  • Subway Midosuji Line Dobutsuemmae Station Exit 1 4-minute walk

 餃子の王将 堺筋でんでんタウン店

Gyoza no OHSHO

  • Smoking
  • (Osaka)Nippombashi (Osaka)
  • Gyoza (Chinese dumplings), Chinese, Chinese Other
  • Dinner 800 JPY
  • Subway Sakaisuji Line Ebisucho Station North wicket first mouth 8-minute walk

Recommend Restaurant

世界のワイン博物館 グランフロント大阪店
Sekaino wine hakubutsukan
Umeda / Osaka Station

Teppanyaki (Iron Grill) Cuisine, Steak

海千山千 番長 裏難波店
Umisenyamasen Bancho
Sashimi (Raw Sliced Fish), Yakiniku (BBQ), Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub)

はちまる あべの店
Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Buffet
Tennoji / Abeno

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