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  • Hyogo
  • Bread / Pastries / Desserts Juice

Hyogo Recommend Restaurant

 nomadika 神戸三宮


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Private Room
  • Smoking
  • English Menu
  • Kobe Motomachi / Tor Road (Hyogo)
  • Italian Cuisine, French Cuisine, Café
  • Lunch 1,200 JPY Dinner 3,500 JPY
  • JR Kobe Line Motomachi Station 3-minute walk

 Cafe&Dining Akala


  • Kobe City Nishi Ward (Hyogo)
  • Hawaiian, Teppanyaki (Iron Grill) Cuisine, Family Restaurants
  • Lunch 2,000 JPY Dinner 3,000 JPY
  • Sanyo-Dentetsu Main Line Hitomarumae Station 32-minute walk

 Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty 姫路店

Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Smoking
  • Himeji (Hyogo)
  • Café, Pastries, Coffee
  • Lunch 1,000 JPY Dinner 1,000 JPY
  • Sanyo-Dentetsu Main Line San-yo-Himeji Station 4-minute walk

 マクドナルド 大蔵谷インター店


  • Kobe City Nishi Ward (Hyogo)
  • Fast Food, Hamburgers, Café
  • Lunch 500 JPY Dinner 500 JPY
  • Sanyo-Dentetsu Main Line Okuradani Station Car 8-minute

 マクドナルド つかしん店


  • Amagasaki (Hyogo)
  • Fast Food, Hamburgers, Coffee
  • Lunch 500 JPY Dinner 500 JPY
  • JR Takarazuka Line Inadera Station 9-minute walk

 レストランカノコ ヤマトヤシキ店


  • Kakogawa (Hyogo)
  • Café, Italian Cuisine, Pasta
  • Lunch 700 JPY Dinner 900 JPY
  • JR Kakogawa Station 2-minute walk

 マクドナルド 山崎店


  • Yabu / Shiso (Hyogo)
  • Fast Food, Hamburgers, Café
  • Lunch 500 JPY Dinner 500 JPY
  • JR Kishin Line Sembon Station Car 27-minute

 カフェ chano‐ma 西宮ガーデンズ


  • Nishinomiya (Hyogo)
  • Café
  • Lunch 1,000 JPY Dinner 1,500 JPY
  • Hankyu Imazu Line Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi Station East Exit 3-minute walk

 サンマルクカフェ 尼崎神田中通店


  • Amagasaki (Hyogo)
  • Café, Bread / Sandwich, Coffee
  • Lunch 500 JPY Dinner 500 JPY
  • Hanshin Namba Line Amagasaki Station West Exit 5-minute walk

 ダイナック 三木サービスエリア


  • Smoking
  • Miki / Ono (Hyogo)
  • Light Meals, Teishoku (Japanese Style Set Meals), Curry & Rice
  • Dinner 750 JPY
  • Sanyo Expressway The down line (Azuma Miki IC -3 tree Ono IC interval)

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