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Kanagawa prefecture is located in the southwestern part of Kanto region, to the south of Tokyo. During the Kamakura period, Kamakura Bakufu was established in Kamakura, and during the Warring State period, Odawara flourished as the domain of the Hojo clan. During the Edo period, Tokaido highway was organized as a major travel route to Edo. At the end of Edo,

the Port of Yokohama opened its doors to foreign trade, and in the Meiji period, the coastal area of Tokyo Bay was further developed. Urban development and industrialization boomed particularly in the capital city of Yokohama and Kawasaki city, and these two cities form the Keihin Industrial Zone that faces Tokyo Bay. The prefectural population is the second largest in Japan following Tokyo. Within the boundary of the prefecture, there is the Miura Peninsula that protrudes over the Pacific Ocean and overlooks Tokyo Bay to the east and Sagami Bay to the south, Tama Hills in the inland area, and Tanzawa and Hakone mountains in the west. In Yokohama, there is Western architecture and red brick warehouses as well as Chinatown, as it flourished as a port town since old days, but the newly developed Minato Mirai 21 district with many commercial facilities including Yokohama Landmark Tower is a popular area among young people. Kamakura, where there is the Great Buddha of Kamakura, one of the three great Buddha statues in Japan, is known not only for a place of old temples and shrines but also for hydrangea flowers. In June when hydrangea flowers are in full bloom, many tourists visit Kamakura. The coastline of Sagami Bay is called Shonan and is an extremely popular place where marine sports such as surfing and swimming can be enjoyed. Sagami Bay is also known for fresh fish and shellfish, and fresh shirasu donburi with boiled young white fish can only be enjoyed here thanks to the fresh catch. Various other types of dried fish and processed fish product such as kamaboko are also famous local specialties, and kamaboko from Odawara is a popular souvenir. Also, popularity of Hakone that thrived as an important post town along the Tokaido highway and the hot spring resort of Yugawara that overlooks the ocean never seem to die out.

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