Niigata Restaurant Guide

Niigata is a prosperous place nestled in between mountains, the Sea of Japan, and two major rivers. Its capital city of the same name was a key port town used for imports and trade when Japan first opened its borders, and is now a gourmet hub. Thanks to Niigata's prime location, it's home to many fish markets including the Pia Bandai fish market and restaurants serving delicious and famous Niigata foods including seafood, mountain vegetables, stews, soba and more.

Explore the many delicacies Niigata has to offer and maybe even find a new favorite dining spot!

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Area & Cuisine

Niigata is the perfect place to go for foodies looking for a tastebud adventure. See below for lists of restaurants serving famous Niigata foods including Niigata sushi, ramen, noppe (a kind of stew and soul food special to the region), and of course sake to wash it down.

Gourmet Column

Check out Gurunavi's gourmet blog to read all about popular Japanese foods, regional cuisines, and ingredients. See food culture beautifully illustrated through original manga and useful graphics for explaining important cultural aspects and with a breakdown of special dishes. The Gurunavi blog is here to boost your Japanese cuisine knowledge before your visit to Niigata, Japan.

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