March 25, 2016

Meat and Fish and Wine and Charcoal "Dedesuke"

"Delight, Enjoyment"
With a feast, one wants to satisfy the stomach and the heart.
To freely taste extravagance.
To treasure a moment with friends.

At Dedesuke, we value these sentiments and thoroughly strive towards the delicious.

Meat and Fish and Wine and Charcoal

A Specialty of "Delight"

The Ebisu Dedesuke is an instigator in Tokyo's Sanuki udon. Within the store's noodle making dept. homemade noodles are prepared so that you can enjoy them freshly cut and boiled every day! We serve everything from the standard menu to slightly unusual delicacies, and dishes available exactly because they are in season.
At Horumon Dedesuke, we prepare our monthly special using domestic A5 rank Japanese Black beef by starting with a whole animal. For numerous precious cuts, the faster one is the winner! Taste Japan's prided Japanese Black beef to your contentment in a variety of flavours for a reasonable price.
And at Toribaka Ichidai, please do experience the essence of yakitori. With charcoal made from the finest quality ubame oak, you will surely enconter the essence of "yakitori." Prepared using a variety of hand-selected chickens from nationwide. Red chickens, Hinai crossbreeds, and Tokyo game chickens are raised in an area of no more than 10 chickens per 3.31 square metres, and are raised dilligently for 20 days longer than usual. Please do not hesitate to enjoy the taste unique to Japan's brand chickens together with our various fine sakes.
At Dedesuke's Bistro Pochi, please easefully delight in the finest selected wines and willfully enjoy our beef platter made with A5 rank Japanese Black beef as well as cuisine made with freshly stocked seafood direct from the Goto Archipelago. Further, Pochi's unique okonomiyaki includes batter, cheese, and tomato toppings in a pizza style for the "Pizza Ball," and beef sinew is thoroughly stewed in red wine and kneaded in batter with the "Grilled Green Onion" among other dishes are all produced with a marriage between wine and a touch of flavour.
Sushi Dedesuke offers only natural fish as a matter-of-course. Focusing on Tsukiji, Sagamiwan, and Miurawan, we stock hand-selected items direct-delivered nationwide.
For our XVIN Chinese cuisine, without breaking the flavour of Sichuan cuisine we sneak in a variety of cheese and herbs. Our store's specialty shark fin stew is made using an extra-large blue shark and served piping hot in a tailor-made pan.

Hospitality Known to be "Delightul"

Ebisu's massive beams and pillars, antique furniture and modern Japanese lighting. Toribaka Ichidai's tile facade in addition to gold-leaf folding screens and lattice doors for an interior distilling "harmony."
At Sushi Dedesuke, you can enjoy viewing our artisan's expertise beyond the counter.
At Bistro Pochi, we also have our customers experience the "grill" on the iron plate before their eyes.
Each store welcomes with its own distinct interior and service. Further, every year during the cherry blossom season we bring you the spring glory of cherries in full bloom within our stores.
Enjoy the feast and enjoy the time. Treasing "delight" and "enjoyment," the Dedesuke Group continues to press for our customers' smiling faces and satisfaction.

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