March 21, 2017

Enjoy Homestyle Japanese dishes in a Set Menu! OOTOYA

Enjoy Homestyle Japanese dishes in a Set Menu! OOTOYA

One of the must-do things when in Japan is trying the authentic, homestyle Japanese dishes and there is one restaurant that serves just that!
The name of this restaurant is OOTOYA GOHAN DOKORO. OOTOYA is a nationally developed restaurant chain mainly focusing on Japanese cuisine.
The best feature of OOTOYA is the authenticity of the many Japanese dishes, prepared in a homestyle manner. From grilled and boiled fish to different hot pot dishes and fried delicacies, all the dishes are served with rice and miso-soup as a set menu at reasonable prices. Carefully prepared by the masterful chefs, they’re not only extraordinarily delicious but also nutritious and healthy. OOTOYA's restaurants are often busy with fans of all ages that enjoy the delicious Japanese homestyle cuisine.

OOTOYA - The Secret to its Popularity ① The Set Menu

Typical Japanese meals are always served with rice and soup as a set menu.
Such a menu includes “rice, miso-soup, and a main dish”, a highly nutritious and a very healthy setup that every Japanese person is familiar with.
A variety of OOTOYA’s main dishes, from healthy menus to hearty meals, include grilled or boiled fish, Japanese style pork cutlets, hot pots with plenty of meat and vegetables, as well as meat dishes, all of which are freshly made by the restaurants’ chefs.
At OOTOYA, you can experience delicious everyday meals of Japanese people.

OOTOYA - The Secret to its Popularity ② Freshly Grilled, Fried, and Cooked!

Another reason why OOTOYA has so many fans is because they can expect the authentic tastes of Japanese cuisine – not only the globally known and loved dishes like sushi and tempura but primarily the everyday meals of Japanese home cooking.
The secret to their authentic deliciousness lies in the fact that everything is freshly made at the restaurants. One example is the radish: it is grated just before being served, and thus as fresh as it can be. Additionally, every store is equipped with a specially designed machine to shave fresh bonito flakes from authentic dried fish produced in the city of Makurazaki. We at OOTOYA take pride in serving our customers fried, grilled, and cooked delicacies in the freshest way possible.
Visit us and feel the OOTOYA spirit.

OOTOYA - The Secret to its Popularity ③ Rich and Original Set Menus

In addition to our usual set menus, a rich variety of seasonal and limited time set menus can also be enjoyed.
The side dish menu is just as varied - fermented soy beans (natto), raw eggs, hand-made tofu, freshly shaved bonito flakes, green vegetables seasoned with soy sauce, salad, croquettes, and much more. Enhancing a main dish with just one of the many sides will make for an entirely new and exciting Japanese cuisine experience.
You can arrange your own set menu by choosing two or more side dishes.

OOTOYA– The Secret to its Popularity ④ Relax after a Meal: OOTOYA Coffee Time!

There is no better way to make an authentic Japanese home style meal complete than with Japanese sweets from OOTOYA’s menu. This includes tofu with brown sugar syrup, a jelly-like dessert called warabimochi, red bean soup with rice-flour dumplings, and gently flavored desserts made with no artificial colors and sweeteners like parfaits, puddings, and ice creams. Feel free to enjoy these sweets along with freshly ground coffee and an all-you-can-drink soft drink bar.

※The menu items may be subject to change.

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