September 25, 2018

Kyoto Restaurant Information Center by GURUNAVI

Restaurants and tourist information center overview

While experiencing the elegance of Kyoto, why not try the traditional food culture?
Well knowledgeable concierges will support you to find restaurants according to your dining needs throughout your entire stay The Gurunavi Infomation Center inside of the Kawaramachi Sanjo Tourist Information Center in Kyoto city, please do not hesitate to ask us.
We will check seats availability and make reservations (offered at the center only). For make more lovely memories of your stay in Kyoto, please come by this center. Restaurant and tourist service center in Kyoto area. Assist you make it easy to find suitable places to meal.

  • Japanese / English / Indonesian
  • Suggest restaurants
  • Make a reservation
  • Gourmet leaflets / Guides
  • Culture event
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Tourist information
Kyoto Concierge Message

We will introduce restaurants which matched perfectly to your dining preference. For vegetarian, allergic, and other food concerns also, checking seating availability, making reservations on your behalf, and interpretation services are also available. Please feel free to come ask us for your inquiry.

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Our Information desk is located inside of the Kawaramachi Sanjo Tourist Information Center (run by the Kyoto City Tourism Association), so that we can offer tourism information as well as food information. Discount coupons for restaurants, restaurant leaflets, Staff's recommended gourmet maps are available. Dining needs Examples
・Where I can see Maiko/Geiko dancing while having meal?
・I would like to bring my foreign friend. Where would you recommend for Kyo-Kaiseki?
・Which restaurant is best for enjoying the Kamogawa riverside deck?
・Which restaurant has a vegetarian menu?
・I would like to have lunch at traditional townhouse restaurant.
・Where can I go to eat rice porridge or Ochazuke (tea over rice) for breakfast?

Kyoto Food Culture

Kyoto has been the most popular tourist destination for both Japanese and foreigners over the years. Kyoto food culture is interesting to learn. As Kyoto is surrounded by its historic architectures, you can discover many new things. There are a lot of foods here in Kyoto.
For example, Kyo-Kaiseki (traditional cuisine), obanzai (classic Kyoto home cooking), boiled tofu and other. These meals are representative of Japan! Moreover, you can enjoy meals while watching Maiko/Geiko dancing, try the Kamogawa or Kibune riverside deck, and cooking experience is fun thing to try.
These are transitional experiences you can try in Kyoto.

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