September 25, 2018

Osaka Restaurant Information Center by GURUNAVI

Restaurants and tourist information center overview

Our stylish information Center is located at Umekita Plaza on the first floor of Grand Front Osaka. The Building is made with glass sides and the the interiors are designed after geological formations, which attracts architecture fans from all over the country all over the world.
"I would like to make a reservation at a Michelin-starred restaurant…"
"I would like to search for a restaurant with vegetarian support…"
For these and other such restaurants which are difficult to find on your own, our professionals will support you to find restaurants and more. Also providing translated notes, we will help you to solve your problem as much as possible. Restaurant and tourist service center in Osaka area. Assist you make it easy to find suitable places to meal.

  • Japanese / English / Korean
  • Suggest restaurants
  • Make a reservation
  • Gourmet leaflets / Guides
  • Culture event
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Tourist information
Osaka Concierge Message

The people who came to Japan for the first time or visit Japan many times...
Gurunavi Information Center was created for everyone's desire to enjoy Japanese food. You can ask us anything you want such as food concerns and local food in Osaka. You can ask us anything you want such as food concerns and enjoy local food in Osaka.
Our staff offer support in Japanese, English and temporarily available in Korean.
Whether for tourist attractions, including the meal, please ask us whatever questions come to mind. Our concierge will help you with a smile.

We provide the latest information on restaurants and discount coupons. Easily search for Shabu-shabu, Yakiniku, Tonkatsu and other cuisine you must try while visiting Japan.

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Events at the Lounge
・Trying on Yukata (free of charge) (held daily 12pm-6pm)
Simply like us on Facebook or instagram to try wearing a Yukata free of charge. We can even take your photo.
・Face in the Cardboard Stand-ins (held daily)
For your travel memories, why not take a photo using a Japan-esque illustrated panel? Many customers enjoy every day.
・Gourmet Tour (season limited)
To experience Japanese food culture at the Gourmet Tour event. Give it a try while tasting ingredients, seasoning, sweets and other curious Japanese food with our concierge.

Osaka Food Culture

Osaka is said to have developed a variety of food cultures because its gathering of ingredients from the nation over. It's known as "The Kitchen of the Nation" since the Edo period. Aside from flour based foods, as you come to know dashi soup stock, Japanese Kappo cooking, boiled Fugu(Blowfish) and so on you are sure to more deeply Osaka. Being a city where profound history and cutting-edge institutions unite, we believe you might like to experience the history of food while sightseeing. Upon your first visit to Osaka, please be sure to try Takoyaki (Octopus ball) and Okonomiyaki (Japanese cabbage pancake).

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