September 25, 2018

Ueno Restaurant Information Center by GURUNAVI

Restaurants and tourist information center overview

Our Tourist Information Center is located right outside the Ueno Station Central Exit. Business hours are between 10:00 ~ 18:00.
Our services introduce nearby tourist information and restaurants surrounding the Ueno and Asakusa districts!
We also confirm availability in restaurants and make reservations on your behalf! In addition, our expert staff recommends lunch selections nearby, local foods, kids friendly restaurants ,vegetarian restaurants, etc., to meet your various requests! Restaurant and tourist service center in Tokyo area. Assist you make it easy to find suitable places to meal.

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Ueno Concierge Message

Our lively, fun staff greets each guest with bright smiles! Please ask our staff anything about the Ueno and Asakusa districts! We gather information about delicious restaurants and fun tourism spot in Ueno and Asakusa everyday!

We also offer photography sessions and hold events wearing traditional garments like the yukata and happi coats! Please feel free to consult us about your tourism and dining plans!

Please visit our Facebook page!

It is fun to visit foreign countries and try their cuisine. Japan has various delicious cuisines in addition to sushi and ramen, etc. Please try various regional cuisines and create many memories!

If you wonder, "What should I eat?" "Where should I go?" Please come visit the Ueno Restaurant Information Center by GURUNAVI. The concierge will sincerely provide you with your requested information.

Ueno and Asakusa, City

Ueno offers many tourist sites, such as the Ameyoko shopping street and Ueno Park, etc. Tourists can shop, eat, and walk along at Ameyoko ; or dine at popular restaurants near Ueno Park, where lines of tourists are often seen on weekends. Ueno is the "birthplace of tonkatsu". Many tonkatsu restaurants are scattered across the district, competing against one another with their respective fastidious tonkatsu menu selections! Further, the overpass, referred to as "Guard-shita"(under-track) is lined with many economically priced and delicious pubs, lively with customers from daytime hours!

Asakusa is a downtown district representative of Japan. Annual events since the Edo Period (1603 - 1868) is still celebrated today. Asakusa is a historic district with many long-established restaurants serving soba, tempura, eel, and many other cuisines unique to Japan.
The Nakamise Shopping Street from Kaminarimon ("Thunder Gate") leading to the Sensoji Temple serves many street foods, such as baked "Ningyo-yaki" (dolls-shaped sponge caked filled with red bean paste) and "Age manju" (Deep fried buns filled with red bean paste), etc., posing difficulties in choosing what to eat!
Also, the "Hoppy Street" is lined with nostalgic pubs, also known as the "Stew Street." It may be fun to hop from one pub to the next to try each original stew dish!

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