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Okayama Castle is situated in 2-3-1 Marunouchi, Kita-ku, Okayama Prefecture. Ukita Hideie, who was given favorable treatment by Hideyoshi Toyotomi and became a powerful feudal lord, spent eight years building this castle. The Castle has a black exterior, earning it the nickname "Crow Castle". After the Battle of Sekigahara, Kobayakawa Hideaki became lord of the castle, extended the castle area, and built a town around the castle. After the premature death of Hideaki, it was the lords of the Ikeda clan who led to the Meiji Restoration. The Moon Tower and Nishinomaru Nishite Tower are listed as Important Cultural Properties, and the Okayama Castle ruins were designated as a Historical Site. At the end of the 17th century an Ikeda lord built the Koraku-en as a garden to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Koraku-en is one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan.

  • Okayama Okayama Castle 1,000m
  • Traditional Japanese Shojin Cuisine (Buddhist Cuisine)

Okayama Recommend Restaurant



  • Credit Card
  • Private Room
  • Other Okayama City (Okayama)
  • Banquet Dinners, Crab
  • Lunch 2,000 JPY Dinner 5,000 JPY
  • JR Okayama Station Central Exit Car 20-minute

 くらしき 茶寮

Kurashiki Saryo

  • Credit Card
  • Private Room
  • Other Kurashiki (Okayama)
  • Local / Regional Cuisine, Sukiyaki (Japanese Beef Hot Pot), Creative
  • Lunch 2,300 JPY Dinner 5,000 JPY
  • JR Sanyo Main Line Kurashiki Station North Exit Car 10-minute

 瀬戸内海鮮料理 白壁


  • Credit Card
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Private Room
  • Smoking
  • Around Kurashiki Station (Okayama)
  • Banquet Dinners, Local / Regional Cuisine, Sashimi (Raw Sliced Fish)
  • Lunch 1,000 JPY Dinner 4,000 JPY
  • JR Kurashiki Station South Exit 3-minute walk

 焼き物・鍋料理 ごち


  • Private Room
  • Smoking
  • Omotecho (Okayama)
  • Shabu Shabu, Yakiniku (BBQ), Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub)
  • Dinner 3,500 JPY
  • Okayama Denki Kido Seikibashi Line Streetcar stop in front of a post office 4-minute walk

 倉敷 寿司×鮮魚 味処 司


  • Credit Card
  • Private Room
  • Smoking
  • Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter (Okayama)
  • Sushi, Sashimi (Raw Sliced Fish), Local / Regional Cuisine
  • Dinner 7,000 JPY
  • Mizushima seaside railroad Mizushima Main Line Kurashikishi Station 13-minute walk

 千年の宴 東津山店


  • Credit Card
  • Private Room
  • Tsuyama (Okayama)
  • Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Yakitori (Grilled Chicken Skewers), Sashimi (Raw Sliced Fish)
  • Dinner 2,800 JPY
  • JR Kishin Line Higashi-Tsuyama Station 8-minute walk

 回転居食屋 悠喜 岡山本店


  • Private Room
  • Other Okayama City (Okayama)
  • Kaiten Sushi (Conveyor Belt Sushi), Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Local / Regional Cuisine
  • Lunch 1,000 JPY Dinner 3,000 JPY
  • JR Seto-Ohashi Line Senoo Station Car 8-minute

 路地裏割烹 easyスタイル

easy sutairu

  • Credit Card
  • Private Room
  • Okayama Station East Entrance (Okayama)
  • Kappou (Fine Dining at a Counter), Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub), Creative
  • Dinner 4,000 JPY
  • JR Okayama Station East Exit 7-minute walk



  • Credit Card
  • Private Room
  • Okayama Station East Entrance (Okayama)
  • Local / Regional Cuisine, Nabe (Japanese Style Hot Pot), Fugu (Puffer Fish / Blowfish)
  • Lunch 1,500 JPY Dinner 5,000 JPY
  • JR Okayama Station 10-minute walk

 郷土料理の店 割烹さかぐち


  • Private Room
  • Omotecho (Okayama)
  • Local / Regional Cuisine, Kappou (Fine Dining at a Counter), Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub)
  • Lunch 1,080 JPY Dinner 5,000 JPY
  • JR Okayama Station East Exit Car 10-minute

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