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Osaka prefecture is located in the central part of Kinki region. Its capital is Osaka city. Osaka has the 3rd largest population in Japan following Tokyo and Kanagawa. Although the climate is mild throughout the year, it has more tropical nights than any other places in Honshu Island. The northern part of Osaka that is commonly called “Kita” expands around J

R Osaka and Umeda stations. It is a bustling area with many restaurants and shops including Umeda Sky Building, the first super high-rise building in the world that is connected in mid-air. On the other hand, the area called “Minami” refers to Dotonbori which is known for its brightly lit billboard owned by Glico, and Shinsaibashi shopping district, which offers many famous brand names to shoppers. There are many takoyaki and okonomiyaki shops in this area as well. Fashionable cafés that led to Osaka’s café boom are concentrated in this area near Minamisenba and Horie. The ambience of Osaka’s old lower residential area still remains in Tennoji area. Shinsekai, where the observation tower Tsutenkaku with its nostalgic appearance is located, has many super-discount shops and exudes a unique atmosphere. Several old historical sites and Buddhist temples and shrines, including the Shitennoji temple built by Prince Shotoku, are found in Uemachi Plateau. Osaka Castle, the symbol of Osaka, is on the east side away from the the Kita and Minami areas. There are two international airports in Osaka prefecture, one of which is the Osaka International Airport that is commonly called “Itami Airport” in the north side of Osaka. Areas around this airport have rich greenery with hot springs located sporadically. There is also a large park, the Expo Commemoration Park, where local residents can visit and relax. The other airport, Kansai International Airport, is located in the Bay Area near Sakai and Kishiwada. This area has been attracting attention with fast development, including the construction of a large scale amusement park. Sakai and Kishiwada is known for its annual Danjiri Festival in September. It is a dynamic event where participants parade large floats called danjiri through the town. The real attraction of this festival is the dynamic yarimawashi which requires changing the direction of the float without slowing down.

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The Best Ramen Restaurants in the Gourmet City of Osaka

The Best Ramen Restaurants in the Gourmet City of Osaka

The Best Ramen Restaurants in the Gourmet City of Osaka

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