BAR Chuto


  • Credit Card
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bar,Karaoke,Alcohol Other
  • Dinner 3,500 JPY
  • 03-5669-0887 (+81-3-5669-0887)
  • Monday - Saturday & Day before holiday Dinner・Bar: 21:00 - 5:00, the following day(L.O.4:30, Drink L.O. 4:40)
  • Kinshicho / Sumiyoshi(Tokyo)
    Subway Hanzomon Line Kinshicho Station Exit 1 6-minute walk

*Ingredients listed are representative and may not include everything in the dish.Additional ingredients may be used. Depending on season and availability, ingredients may change.

*Photos shown are for illustration purpose only.

*Price may vary.

* Amount is Japanese Yen (JPY)


Edamame beans

Soybeans which are harvested when they are not yet ripe, and boiled in salt water.

  • Ingredients: Edamame
  • Cooking: Boil

tax excluded


Chilled tofu

Tofu that is chilled and served with condiments and soy sauce.

  • Ingredients: Scallion/Green onion/Leek, Tofu
  • Cooking: Cover/Add

tax excluded


Italian salad

  • Ingredients: Tomato, Cream cheese, Lettuce, Onion
  • Cooking: Mix/Blend

tax excluded


Simmered organ meats

Pork or beef organ meats stewed in a soy or miso sauce.

  • Ingredients: Beef organ meat, Pork organ, Chicken guts, Burdock, Daikon radish, Carrot, Konjac
  • Flavor: Miso
  • Cooking: Simmer

tax excluded


Fried chicken

  • Ingredients: Chicken thigh
  • Cooking: Deep-fry

tax excluded


French fries

  • Ingredients: Potato
  • Cooking: Deep-fry

tax excluded


Onion rings

  • Ingredients: Onion
  • Cooking: Deep-fry

tax excluded


Loco moco

  • Ingredients: Ground beef and pork, Corn, Spinach, Onion, Rice, Hen's egg, Bread crumbs
  • Flavor: Butter, Nutmeg
  • Cooking: Bake/Roast

tax excluded


Curry with rice

  • Ingredients: Onion, Carrot, Potato
  • Cooking: Simmer

tax excluded


Fried rice with lettuce

Rice stir fried with lettuce and other ingredients.

  • Ingredients: Lettuce, Rice
  • Flavor: Cooking oil, Pepper
  • Cooking: Stir-fry

tax excluded

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Monday - Saturday & Day before holiday Dinner・Bar: 21:00 - 5:00, the following day(L.O.4:30, Drink L.O. 4:40)


Every Sunday Holiday

Average price

Dinner: 3,500 JPY

Service Offer

  • All you can drink menu

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