June 17, 2016

Sightseeing of Yokohama Bay Cruise

Sightseeing of Yokohama Bay Cruise

Sightseeing of Yokohama Bay Cruise

“Royal Wing,” the only entertainment restaurant ship in Japan, weights a total of 2,876 t, an overall length of 86.7m, and a large passenger ship with a maximum passenger capacity of 630. With the Osanbashi Bridge at Port of Yokohama as the starting point, we operate 4 trips a day: a lunch cruise, a tea cruise, and 2 dinner cruises.

Starting at Osanbashi Bridge at the Port of Yokohama as the starting point, the cruise passes under the Bay Bridge to reach Tokyo Bay. From aboard the ship with an unobstructed view, the beautiful scenery of Old town Yokohama, the large Ferris wheel, Minato-mirai area, etc., are visible as a large panoramic view.

Freshly-prepared, authentic Chinese cuisine is all prepared consistently inside the kitchen of the ship. For customers who want to enjoy the full view are recommended to utilize the buffet, while those who want to dine leisurely are recommended the course meals freshly-prepared with seasonal food ingredients. Live classic music is performed inside the ship, while entertainment such as balloon art, etc., help forget the passing of time!

Also, a heart-shaped illuminating object named “jewel heart,” 1,900mm in height, and 1,800mm in width, is installed on February 6 for couples to gaze at while deepening their affections. The illumination created with 2,000 lit bulbs emits pink and white lights that glow like crystals upon gazing couples, who can enjoy a romantic evening viewing the night scene and lit-up night sky of the Port of Yokohama, while professing their love to one another before the heart that symbolizes happiness.

Aside from the usual cruise, the ship also offers wedding cruises. A wedding held aboard the top deck of the top floor of the ship, where a panoramic 360 degree view of the Port of Yokohama is visible, the “Captain’s Ceremony” is held surrounded by ocean under the wide sky. An original, unconventional wedding would with a full view of Yokohama aboard the ship would no doubt offer a memory of a lifetime…!

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