June 17, 2016

Helicopter ☆Night Cruising

From:Yokohama Japan

Helicopter ☆Night Cruising

For all you, Japanese and Foreigners who know Yokohama well, do you know Yokohama as seen from the air?

What’s more at night? You have probably seen it from an aircraft. But, instead of a small window - A large window with a field of view that spans 180 degrees… with Yokohama Skycruise, you can see the night view of Yokohama by the HELICOPTER.

Actually, this regular night-time sight-seeing is the first in Japan. Certainly, there is helicopter sight-seeing during the day. But at night, regulations such as safety management are strict, and even news-related and emergency-related helicopter are restricted. So only with us can the general public experience night cruising. For the reason, we are in great demand, not just for sight-seeing; we also offer shooting dramas, commercial films and photo-flights…
Also, we have lots of transportation flights to go to famous sightseeing areas, for example Mt.Fuji, Hakone, and so on…

Even though, it was a night with strong wind, it felt like riding in a car. And going at a speed of 200km/h seemed just like 30km~40km in a car. So you slowly drift over the sea of lights that seems like scattered jewels. The night view of New York is pretty too, but the beauty of Yokohama with its many glittering colors may be the finest in the world. Aircraft from that, these are the pleasure after you have been for a ride.

What we recommend, is the winter season: the air is clear and you can see all the lights on the kanto plain. For groups, families, and important anniversaries just for two people.. For any question we will be offer to the answer by e-mail.

E-mail: support@skycruise.jp
web: http://www.skycruise.jp
Yokohama Skycruise

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