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Azabu-juban is a wealthier "old money" residential neighborhood lined with old homes, restaurants, cafes and shops that serve patrons of more refined tastes. Nestled in between the fashionable Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Tower, it became a rather trendy place to live after the turn of the century and is becoming one of the most international neighborhoods in Japan. Houses line narrow cobblestone roads on winding hills, hiding it away from the busy main roads. The consistent style in architecture gives it a charmed feel, with even the fast food restaurants being specially designed to blend in with their surroundings.

Many Azabu-juban restaurants have a distinctly posh Western feel to them and are pretty pricey, making them great for special occasions. The best cafes and restaurants in Azabu-juban are tucked away into the back alleys may be tricky to find but very popular, so it's a good idea to book your table in advance. Among the popular dishes served in this captivating area are yakitori (succulent grilled chicken on skewers), yakiniku (thinly sliced meat that you can grill yourself at the table), pizza, sushi, and a variety of fusion restaurants serve up flavorful Japanese twists on traditional Western dishes. Azabu-juban a lovely place to go for a stroll out on the town and enjoy a classy meal with friends or your significant other.

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