December 1, 2016

Japan's Pride: Come savor the true flavor of Kobe beef

Japan's Pride: Come savor the true flavor of Kobe beef

Kobe beef is renowned worldwide. However, not all beef served in Kobe is necessarily Kobe beef. The honorary brand title “Kobe beef” is bestowed only to beef that pass rigorous inspections. At “Beefsteak Kawamura,” we purchase and serve only choice Kobe beef of the highest quality. Since our opening in 1972, we continue to fastidiously serve Kobe beef for just over 40 years. The owner-chef carefully selects his Kobe beef with his own skilled eyes every since the restaurant’s establishment to provide an authentic flavor experience in accordance with our mission.

We promise our customers to pass on the authentic, delicious taste of Kobe beef to the world, and to our next generation. We promise not to compromise the excellent quality of our beef. We promise to curb our prices to be reasonable to ensure that a wide range of customers can enjoy our Kobe beef. We promise to become a restaurant that is loved by our community, and strive to ensure each staff member continuously hones their hospitality skills. These are the promises we make to our customers here at “Beefsteak Kawamura.”

The narrow gateway to Kobe beef

Among the Japanese black cattle purely bred in Japan since ancient times, the highest grade is referred to as “Tajima beef,” while beef that satisfies the strictest requirements from among the Tajima beef is referred to as “Kobe beef.” We proudly serve authentic Kobe beef with confidence by displaying the individual identification number of each cattle in our restaurant.
The characteristic of Kobe beef is the low melting point of 36 degrees for fatty meat. For this reason, the sweet flavor of fatty meat is savored on the palate, and the smooth texture lessens the likelihood of heartburn. The red meat is highly flavorful with the original umami flavor, and customers can savor the abundant, delicious gourmet experience unique to Kobe beef, the highest quality of beef. Please enjoy this experience as teppan-yaki, grilled on a Japanese hot plate. On the other hand, the chef himself also purchases and prepares locally-produced vegetables and seafood caught at nearby fishing ports. We serve all of our dishes, also those other than Kobe beef, with confidence.

The LIVE food preparation taking place before your very eyes stimulates the appetite!

It takes a year of training before chefs can prepare teppan-yaki in front of our customers. We receive great feedback because customers can safely enjoy the food prepared before their very own eyes, and the performance aspect of the cooking is enjoyed by customers both inside and outside the restaurant.
Our style of food presentation has not changed since the establishment of our restaurant, another aspect of our service that our owner-chef is fastidious about.
On the other hand, for customers who cannot consume certain ingredients due to their religion, etc., please inform our chef or staff members, who will serve you with the spirit of utmost hospitality to ensure thorough enjoyment of the dishes served at our restaurant.
Please come savor authentic Kobe beef at “Beefsteak Kawamura!” We look forward to your arrival.

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