September 27, 2017

Shinjyuku NOWA Restaurant Guide

Shinjyuku NOWA Restaurant Guide

Shinjyuku NOWA Restaurant Guide

Welcome to Shinjuku NOWA!

Shinjuku NOWA is a long-established gourmet complex in the heart of busy, bustling Shinjuku. With one restaurant per each of the building's eight floors, it boasts a wonderfully relaxed and spacious atmosphere. The entire complex is filled with restaurants of all sorts of cuisines, with the exception of the cinema on the basement floor.

Seasonal cuisine also is plentifully available, and why not stop by to savor Asian cuisine in a laid-back manner? From course meals to a la carte, a visit to Shinjuku NOWA won't leave you wanting!

Only 2 minutes on foot away from Shinjuku Station's east exit, the building is conveniently accessible from all kinds of train lines. As many of Shinjuku NOWA's restaurants offer over 100 seats, it is also a great and safe choice even for larger groups. Look forward to private and tatami rooms as well!

From a high-class gourmet experience to a casual lunch, from a sophisticated dinner to a lively party - Shinjuku NOWA caters to the diverse needs of its diverse guests. Especially people looking to try Japanese cuisine will find ample opportunity to explore various tastes in the multi-style restaurant complex. Enjoy Japan's famed hospitality and service like nowhere else. Cinema Qualité is located on Shinjuku NOWA's basement floor and offers entertainment with various movies before or after a great meal.

"Gourmet a la carte!" is the motto of Shinjuku NOWA, and indeed, from specialty shops to popular restaurants, the choice is yours to make! Come and try the colorful and diverse gourmet cuisine of Shinjuku NOWA!

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