pit master VAMOS 梅田


  • Credit Card
  • Wi-Fi
  • Private Room
  • Non-Smoking
  • English Menu
  • English OK
  • Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub),Charcoal Grill Dishes,Steak
  • Lunch 4,000 JPY Dinner 4,000 JPY
  • 06-6311-1129 (+81-6-6311-1129)
  • Monday - Friday 17:00 - 21:00 Saturday & Sunday & Holiday 16:00 - 21:00
  • Higashidori / Doyama(Osaka)
    Subway Midosuji Line Umeda Station 5-minute walk

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*Ingredients listed are representative and may not include everything in the dish.Additional ingredients may be used. Depending on season and availability, ingredients may change.

*Photos shown are for illustration purpose only.

*Price may vary.

* Amount is Japanese Yen (JPY)



Thickly cut and grilled food ingredients such as meat, seafood, and vegetables.

  • Ingredients: Beef
  • Cooking: Bake/Roast

tax excluded

ベイビーバックリブ ~自家製BBQソース~

Spareribs / barbecue

  • Ingredients: Pork sparerib
  • Cooking: Bake/Roast

tax excluded

燻製鶏 ~マスタードで~

Smoked chicken

Smoked chicken with the smoke of wood heated at high temperature.

  • Ingredients: Chicken
  • Cooking: Smoke

tax excluded


Simmered pork belly

A dish of pork ribs (boned rib) stewed with potherbs.

  • Ingredients: Pork belly
  • Flavor: Beer
  • Cooking: Simmer

tax excluded

淡路たまねぎのとろとろ煮 ~プラス200yenでグラタンスープに~

Onion oven-grilled

  • Ingredients: Onion
  • Cooking: Oven-baking

tax excluded


Tongue stew

Dish made using the tongue called "Tongue" and bite-sized vegetables stewed in a sauce with red wine and tomatoes.

  • Ingredients: Beef tongue
  • Cooking: Stew

tax excluded

VAMOSポテトフライ ~ちょっぴりセレブな装いの3種も~

French fries

  • Ingredients: Potato
  • Cooking: Deep-fry

tax excluded


Fried pink shrimp

Pink shrimp lightly battered and fried in oil.

  • Flavor: Cooking oil
  • Cooking: Deep-fry

tax excluded


Shrimp and avocado tartare

Boiled shrimp and avocado finely minced and mixed together.

  • Ingredients: Avocado, Shrimp
  • Cooking: Mix/Blend

tax excluded

生サーモンのSAKURAスモーク ~チーズソースと生コショウ~

Smoked fatty salmon belly

The portion of salmon called the fatty belly flavored with smoke released from wood at high temperatures.

  • Ingredients: Fatty salmon belly
  • Cooking: Smoke

tax excluded

ホタテとキノコのウニバター焼き ~いくらどーん~

Grilled mushrooms and scallops with butter

Mushrooms and scallops seasoned with butter and grilled.

  • Ingredients: Scallop, Mushroom
  • Flavor: Butter
  • Cooking: Bake/Roast

tax excluded


Grilled crocodile meat with garlic

  • Ingredients: Garlic
  • Cooking: Bake/Roast

tax excluded



A meat dish that uses deer meat.

  • Ingredients: Venison
  • Cooking: Bake/Roast

tax excluded



A meat dish that uses deer meat.

  • Ingredients: Venison, Camembert cheese
  • Cooking: Bake/Roast

tax excluded


Steamed potatoes with butter

Steamed potatoes topped with butter.

  • Ingredients: Potato
  • Flavor: Butter
  • Cooking: Steam

tax excluded

マメと牛肉のトマト煮込み ~トルティーヤ付き~

Simmered beef with tomato

A dish of beef stewed with tomato.

  • Ingredients: Tomato
  • Cooking: Stew

tax excluded



A French home dish of meat, sausages, and vegetables stewed in consomme soup.

  • Ingredients: Cabbage, Onion, Carrot, Potato, Sausage
  • Cooking: Simmer

tax excluded



A dish of stir-fried food ingredients topped with cheese, then baked.

  • Ingredients: Cheese
  • Flavor: Curry sauce
  • Cooking: Bake/Roast

tax excluded



tax excluded


Chicken nuggets

Ground chicken meat rounded, breaded, then fried.

  • Ingredients: Chicken, Garlic, Hen's egg
  • Cooking: Deep-fry

tax excluded


Assorted fried shrimp and fried seafood

An assortment of several kinds of seafood such as shrimp that are deep-fried in oil.

  • Ingredients: Seafood, Shrimp
  • Cooking: Deep-fry

tax excluded


Fried octopus

Octopus that is lightly battered and fried in oil.

  • Ingredients: Octopus
  • Cooking: Deep-fry

tax excluded



Hawaiian dish of seafood cut into bite-sized pieces mixed with vegetables and avocado, then seasoned with condiments such as sesame oil and soy sauce, etc.

  • Ingredients: Tuna, Tomato, Scallion/Green onion/Leek, Ginger, Onion, Garlic, Avocado
  • Flavor: Sesame oil
  • Cooking: Mix/Blend

tax excluded

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Monday - Friday 17:00 - 21:00
Saturday & Sunday & Holiday 16:00 - 21:00


Irregular holidays

Average price

Lunch: 4,000 JPY
Dinner: 4,000 JPY

Service Offer

  • English menu available
  • English speaking staff available
  • All you can drink menu

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