Sapporo Station Restaurant Guide

Sapporo Station is alive with restaurants bringing in some of the freshest food Japan has to offer, proving a hit with even the most seasoned gourmands. Staple dishes such as miso ramen, genghis khan (grilled lamb/mutton) and soup curry have helped Sapporo become known as a “City of Food”. Also known for its beer of the same name, and with its neighboring town being the birthplace of world renowned Nikkei whiskey, Sapporo has gained recognition as a city of fine drink too.

Sapporo Station is the first spot many visitors arrive at, travelling from Tokyo by shinkansen after transferring at Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station. Sapporo Station connects directly to multiple shopping centers, including the Sapporo JR Tower, the tallest building in Hokkaido offering fine-dining experiences with stunning views out on to the city. Next door to that is Esta, which is home to Sapporo’s very own ramen amusement park on the 10th floor.

Whether you are looking for a quick bite to eat while waiting to change trains to or from Hakodate, or are there for a more leisurely stay at one of the nearby hotels, you won’t have to walk far to find great tasting food and a lively ambiance associated with the people of Hokkaido!

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