Shin-Osaka Station Restaurant Guide

Shin-Osaka Station is a major transportation hub. It offers close access to major business and tourism locations such as Osaka center, Kobe, Kyoto and Nara and is also Osaka’s shinkansen station. To cater to the massive number of passengers who pass through the station on a daily basis, there are a large number of restaurants, from quick-eat places, to fine dining, to shops selling train bento boxes known as eki-ben.

Osaka is known as a city with an addictive food culture, thanks to its many delicious fares including fried octopus balls (takoyaki) and okonomiyaki (thick savory pancake). Street-style food is also served in restaurants and izakaya dotted around Shin-Osaka Station. There is also plenty of ramen, udon and even eel if you are feeling brave to be found around the area.

The high amount of standing restaurants is testament to the place being used as a “changeover” train station, with flocks of salarymen quickly slurping down bowls of ramen before making the dash to their platform. But as ever with Japan, quick doesn’t mean low quality.
Eki Marche is a popular restaurant hot-spot located within JR Shin-Osaka station. It offers food ranging from sushi, taiyaki (fish-shaped pastries with sweet fillings), kushikatsu, omurice (Japanese rice omelet) and a specialty from the next town over, Kobe beef, tucked into bentos. Check it out on your way through the station!

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