Akihabara Restaurant Guide

Akihabara, or Electric Town, is an otaku (diehard fan) mecca—famous for its many electronics shops. It is the place where anime, manga, gaming, and tech fans go to replenish their collections and for an energy recharge amongst the abundance of gaming centers, maid cafes, and niche shops. Located in central Tokyo, it's one of the most popular places to visit among overseas tourists, where the knowledgeable shop staff are more than happy to help you find what you're looking for. If you're looking for somewhat of a novelty experience, try out one of the many maid or manga cafes. At Akihabara maid cafes, staff sing and interact with patrons, whereas in manga cafes you can relax and read to your heart's content while enjoying the endless drink bar.

Themed cafes range from anime to idol and everything in between—there's bound to be something that strikes your fancy! Even if otaku culture isn't quite your thing, there are plenty of Akihabara restaurants with good, hearty food to fill your stomach. Restaurants serving traditional soul foods like curry, ramen, shabu shabu, yakiniku, and sushi are everywhere. After a long day of shopping and exploring the streets of this quirky neighborhood, the restaurants' cheap prices are as easy on your wallet as the food is satisfying to your hunger.

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