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Ginza is a world-famous entertainment district in Tokyo celebrated for its high-end shopping and location right next to the famous fish market, Tsukiji. In the Edo period Ginza was home to the silver coin mint, which gave it its name, "silver mint" in Japanese. In this flourishing area of central Tokyo, real estate comes at a premium, and is some of the most expensive in the country. Catch the latest trends in these streets lined with internationally renowned luxury boutiques and department stores, a mecca for brand shoppers. On weekend afternoons the main streets are closed to traffic, giving patrons full command of the district for a prime shopping experience. Modern and westernized meets traditional with the area home to arts and culture hot spots including the historic Kabuki Za theater and many art galleries. To round out the entertainment options, hostess clubs and high-end cafes are aplenty.

Its proximity to Tsukiji and the sheer number of restaurants means sushi in Ginza is always fresh, and the quality outstanding. Ginza is also the place for fine traditional Japanese cuisine and Michelin-star restaurants. Infamous for 1000 yen cups of coffee, upscale coffeehouses and patisseries are amidst. If you're not too keen on spending all your money on a latte, Ginza also has mid-range cafes and casual restaurants for the more conservative diner. Ramen, hot pot, unagi (eel) buffets and more, regardless of the price, Ginza restaurants will leave you more than satisfied with your fill!

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