November 26, 2014

Sukiyaki in a private room in fancy Ginza? 5 restaurants that will grant you this wish!

5 restaurants that will grant you this wish!

Good food in Ginza.


Hi everyone! My name is Kawase Rena, aka Rinasuke. I am a cooking specialist and food coordinator.

Today, we are heading to Ginza!

Aaah Ginza... only hearing about it makes me all emotional. There was a time when, after reading a certain manga about the life of a hostess queen in Ginza, I deeply go into the world of hostesses. I would walk around for hours as if I owned the whole district, thinking that I was so cool. Ginza really was like my back garden then!

This time, I am unveiling five restaurants in Ginza where you can feast on sukiyaki in comfy private rooms.

You know, Japanese people go crazy about sukiyaki! Well, also foreigners love it! There is even a famous song by Kyu Sakamoto titled "Sukiyaki". (Did you know this is not the original title?)

After a busy day, don't you want to take it easy and enjoy yourself in a restaurant's private room? Turn a dull business lunch or dinner to a gourmet experience! Choose a private room when you don't anyone to disturb your passionate romantic diner!

Alright, understood! Let me grant your wishes!

Okahan Honten - The best place for a successful business meeting!


Okahan Honten is a sister store of the long-established restaurant Kanedanaka. Okahan Honten opened way back in 1895.

They cook Kansai-style sukiyaki along with premium wagyu "Matsuzaka beef". The whole place is decorared in Japanese-style and oozes with history.

Enjoy a tranquil atmosphere faraway from the noises of the streets. You won't believe you are right in the heart of Ginza!

Rest assured, if sitting on the floor is not your thing, they also have rooms with tables.

The Matsuzaka beef is handled by sukiyaki experts, who will cook directly at your table. This top class beef will melt the moment you put it in your mouth, releasing the delicate flavors so unique to wagyu.

The sukiyaki stock, prepared with kombu (seaweed), full of umami, is irreristible.

If you are going to have a business meal with gourmets, this is the place the go! You will build long-lasting relationships with your clients in this restaurant.

If you feel that this place is out of reach, I suggest you go there for lunch. Their lunch menu starts at JPY1,300 !

Enjoying the taste of a Ginza establishment at this price... you have to taste it to believe it!

Shabusuki Kissho Kabukiten - Romatinc dinner in private room


You say you want to have sukiyaki while enjoying the night view of Ginza?

This sounds quite unreasonable, but actually, such a place exists!

Shabusuki Kissho Kabukiten is designed with private rooms only, and from some of them, you get an unbroken view of Ginza.

You'll feel like hostess queen in here!

This restaurant only uses A5 grade wagyu for their sukiyaki. The beef is very soft, with the right amount of fat, releasing flavorful juices with every chew.

The bathrooms are also very well decorated, a definite plus for girls going on dates. Indidual hand towels are available as well!

You have to pay an additional charge for the rooms with night view of Ginza, but if it's for a date, it is a little price to pay.

MUSASHI BETTEI GANRYUJIMA - Tasty and reasonable!


We all want to eat sukiyaki, but the steep prices often makes us hesitate.

It is okay to go overboard for dates or business meals, but if it's for a dinner with friends...and in a private room... But don't worry! There ARE reasonable sukiyaki restaurants!

In MUSASHI BETTEI GANRYUJIMA, enjoy a sukyaki course and 2 hours all-you-can-drink menu of 50 drinks for the modest sum of JPY4,000 (tax. not included)

They even have a private room with 40 seats, which is ideal for end-of-the year parties or a class reunion.

You may think that low cost means low quality. But don't be mistaken! A Ginza expert like me would never present you such a place!

Naturally, they only serve A5 grade beef from Japanese Blacks. Also, instead of using normal sugar for their sukiyaki stock, they use cotton candy! Such a unusual and fun cooking style is a definite bonus to liven a party up!

Enjoy the delicate taste of the soft marbled wagyu, slowly melting in your mouth.

And one more thing: they also make a dish thas become hard to see on menus recently. The wagyu yukke! Indeed, there are only a few restaurants in Tokyo that meet the requirements to serve yukke.

Why not going to such a great place?

GYUAN - a popular restaurant among foreigners


Sukiyaki is loved by people all around the world.

To all foreigners searching for a sukiyaki restaurant in Ginza, I suggest Gyuan, a restaurant designed as a Japanese old house.

The wooden interior and private room with hori-kotatsu (low table with sunken floor) create an enlegant Wafu ambiance.

The staff also speaks good English.

They cook great dishes with beef provided by selected farms in Kobe.

Kobe beef is so famous everywhere in the world that it is a synonym of Japanese beef. My uncle, who is from New Zealand, says so! It should be true!

And you can enjoy this wonderful meat for JPY5,940, astonishing!

Their sukiyaki stock is gently salty-sweet, and it goes so well with the top-class Kobe beef. Dip it into the egg yoke and then eat it!

It's so good!

NIKU KAPPO MIYASHITA - A Children friendly restaurant close to the shopping centers


Going for dinner after a day of shopping in Ginza? Looking for a restaurant to meet with other mothers and their children?

To such people, I recommend the restaurant Miyashita, which cooks Edomae Niku Kappo dishes.

It is located in 12th floor of Marionnier Gate, a department store next to Printemps.

After a long day walking in Ginza with your kids, don't you just want to eat somewhere nearby?

This place operates lunch until 16:00 on weekends, which is ideal when having a late lunch after a long shopping cession. The private rooms are just perfect when having kids.

And of course, the meat is top-class. Only A5 grade marble beef from black-hair wagyu!

Look at that picture above. Those thin slices a delicous beef...can't have enough of this!

If you want to have a great meal without worrying about your kids, this is the perfect choice!

I hope you enjoyed this episode! These are the sukiyaki restaurants with private rooms in Ginza, all selected according to your needs.

Only a Ginza girl like me can be so knowledgeable! Ask me anything about Ginza. Bye!

Author: Rinasuke (りな助)


From Fukuoka prefecture, born on May 8th, 1988

Rinasuke organizes more than 100 culinary events every year. She also gathers and provides information about cuisine classes, workshops and community events. She specializes in beauty-related cuisine.


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