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For what started out as an Edo era defense structure to guard against foreign attack, Odaiba is now a mecca for people all over the world interested in cars, anime and nerd culture, virtual reality, and name-brand shopping. Today Odaiba serves as an entertainment hub with event spaces and plenty to do for the casual tourist and native Japanese alike, from visiting the beautiful Rainbow Bridge and mini Statue of Liberty replica to getting up close with the life-sized Gundam or seeking thrills on a ferris wheel and demo race track. See the sights, shop til you drop, and maybe even visit the Odaiba Onsen after grabbing a bite to eat!

With the number and diversity of visitors Odaiba receives every year, you won't be surprised to see a multitude of places to eat and rest after a long day of shopping and walking around. Pallete Town, Venus Fort and Zepp Diver City, in addition to a plethora of shops, have a selection of restaurants serving both traditional Japanese cuisine and international bites including pasta, halal food, Chinese and Korean fare just to name a few. Many restaurants will also have buffet and tabehoudai (all-you-can-eat) options available at reasonable prices. No matter your budget or appetite, restaurants with delicious delights are waiting for you. Check out the information below to find out more!

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