• Credit Card
  • Wi-Fi
  • Private Room
  • Non-Smoking
  • English Menu
  • English OK
  • Italian Cuisine,Banquet Halls,Dining Bar
  • Dinner 6,000 JPY
  • 03-3571-7636 (+81-3-3571-7636)
  • Monday - Saturday 17:00 - 24:00(L.O.23:00, Drink L.O. 23:00)
  • Ginza(Tokyo)
    JR Shimbashi Station 3-minute walk

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Assorted Fried Items

An assortment of fried Camembert cheese and mixed French fries.

tax included


Spaghetti with Red Sea Urchin & Creamy Sauce

We mixed boiled pasta with Hokkaido red sea urchin and fresh cream sauce.

tax included


Today's Recommended Assorted Appetizers - 4 types

An assortment of 4 types of appetizers making the most of seasonal ingredients.

tax included


Vegetables & Garlic, Octopus Sauté

Octopus, Eringi mushrooms, asparagus, stir-fried in olive oil and garlic. Great with white wine.

tax included

マグロとアボカドの合えもの ワサビソース

Tuna & Avocado Mix - Japanese horseradish sauce

Pickled tuna and diced avocado, mixed with strongly flavored Japanese horseradish stems.

tax included

エルカルゴ シイタケのオーブン焼き

Oven-Roasted Escargot & Shiitake Mushrooms

Small Shiitake stuffed with escargot meat with mushrooms, roasted everything in the oven with garlic and butter.

tax included


Grissini Wrapped in Prosciutto

We wrapped Italian prosciutto on freshly baked grissini. Great with wine.

tax included


Assorted Sausages - 3 types & German Potatoes

Great with beer.

tax included


Assorted Cheese & Dry Fruits

tax included


Petit Bread (bread with poppy seeds) or Garlic Toast

[With escargot!]

tax included


Mexican Nachos

tax included


Mixed Nuts & Chocolate

tax included


Spaghetti with 2-Color Chili Peppers

Simple spaghetti made with domestic garlic, 2-color peppers, and virgin oil.

tax included


Meat Sauce Lasagna

Homemade wide-type pasta, layered with ground beef and tomato sauce, served as hot gratin.

tax included


3 Types of Gnocchi

Steamed potatoes with dumplings filled with pure, flavored with mushrooms and fresh cream sauce.

tax included


Spaghetti with Red Sea Urchin & Creamy Sauce

We mixed boiled pasta with Hokkaido red sea urchin and fresh cream sauce.

tax included


Spaghetti with Iberian Pork & Tomato Sauce

We slowly mixed boiled pasta with Spanish Iberian pork and tomato sauce and eggplant.

tax included


Pizza with Mixed Mushrooms & Bacon

Stir-fried various mushrooms, grilled with mozzarella cheese.

tax included


Pizza Margherita

Pizza made simply with tomato sauce, mozzarella, cheese, and basil only.

tax included


4 Types of Pizza

4 types of toppings on 1 pizza.

tax included


Big Size Mixed Pizza

A large mixed pizza with plenty of cheese. Serves 4.

tax included


Bagna Cauda

Pesticide-free organic vegetables delivered directly from Windy Hilltop Farm. Enjoy colorful, seasonal, fresh vegetables.

tax included

シーザーサラダ 自家製ドレッシング

Caesar Salad with homemade dressing

Enjoy this dish with our homemade dressing. Serves 2.

tax included


Korean-Style Green Salad with Grilled Tuna

Pickled tuna, lightly grilled and added to green salad. Serves 2.

tax included


Spicy Mexican Salad with 3 types of dressing

Enjoy this dish dynamically mixing 3 types of dressing.

tax included


Roasted Beef

We roasted domestic beef loin and added gravy sauce and western horseradish.

tax included

フォアグラの若鶏もも肉 シュープレームソース添え

Foie Gras & Chicken Thigh Meat with supreme sauce

Chicken thigh meat wrapped in foie gras, grilled with spices, and served with egg yolk and cream sauce.

tax included


[Draft Barrel] Sparkling Wine

Semi-carbonated wine with fine bubbles. Enjoy it as an aperitif or with your meal.

tax included


Bourbon - various types

Four Roses, I.W. Harper, Wild Turkey, Maker's Mark

tax included


Sour - various types

Lemon, plum, grapes, grapefruit, oolong

tax included


Mascarpone Cheese Cake with Mixed Berries

We added small berries to a cake made with mascarpone, egg yolk, and a liquor base.

tax included

*Ingredients listed are representative and may not include everything in the dish.Additional ingredients may be used. Depending on season and availability, ingredients may change.

*Photos shown are for illustration purpose only.

*Price may vary.

* The price is in Japanese Yen (JPY)

Multiple Language Conversion System is Gurunavi's original system protected by patents (Japan Patent No. 5898365, No. 5952479)



Monday - Saturday 17:00 - 24:00(L.O.23:00, Drink L.O. 23:00)


Every Sunday Summer holidays(August 14, 2021 - August 16, 2021)

Average price

Dinner: 6,000 JPY

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  • English menu available
  • English speaking staff available
  • All you can drink menu

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