July 31, 2014

Azuma odori

Fantastic dance, beautiful food, premium wine, get lost in the beauty of early summer season!

For time limited offer! Special Program Invitation to enjoy the Japanese culture

Invitation to enjoy the Japanese culture

The most unique "Azuma odori" is at Shinbashi geisha's industry. In the Meiji period, the government allowed playing the music performance in the street such as singing and dancing and playing instrumental music and art. Eventually, it became "Gei-no-Shinbashi", the Shinbashi enbujo was built in 1925 At that time, the house was red brick one which is the most popular, and it called the fashion of real Shinbashi. There are 89 times in this year since Azuma odori started the first public performance.

There "The six restaurants" which is called Shinkiraku, kanetanaka, Tokyo kictuchou, Yonemura, Matsuyama and Yamane. Each restaurant has its own style, on its process of producing Shokado Bento based on a same menu(Reservation required), you will be exited to discover which restaurant made your Bento once you open it.
It is also a very happy thing that having a meal with friends and comparing which food is more delicious. If you want to eat the Osishi-bento, you must reserve "The six restaurants".

In the lobby, the geishas will go to the tea break to eat the dish of donberiniyon and Tokyo kictuchou before the starting and halftime. In addition, the geishas also sell the souvenirs such as senjafuda, fan, carta and as well as Azuma odori original souvenirs and so on.

Both Japanese culture and western culture, traditional culture and modern culture are all mixed together in ginza. And it is the maximum charm of the Ginza that everything is among the first-class. Usually, it is rare to get a chance to access geisha's industry , naming by the Azuma odori, is a representative of such. Don't miss out this only opportunity of getting in touch of the definate Ginza culture.

Azuma-odori(dance) - which enjoying the Sushi box from luxury restaurants.

Shokado from "The six restaurants" Shokado Obento is with a cruciform devider in the middle of the lunch box,with the high frame cover.

Azuma odori Obento is designed by Yoshio Yugi who from Tokyo Kicho which restaurant spread Shokado(Obento) brand.

Based on it, Shinkiraku, Kanetanaka, Matsuyama, Yonemura, Yamane, those restaurants make their special process in their Obento The Shokado Obento from The six restaurants with different scene, competes for their pride.

The Sushi from Luxury restaurants It is easy to enjoy the foods at the seats if you have the colorful Chirashi-sushi (vinegared rice topped with fish, vegetables, egg, and various other ingredients),

The difference between the Sushi from Luxury restaurant and the Onigiri is that the Sushi made by these restaurants has special procedures in mixing rice with vinegar.

The Chirashi-Sushi with prepared toppings is at first, the second is putting the vinegar in the rice after that.

Based on the soft egg, sprinkle the shrimps, ice fish, Roasted and dried conger eel,such colorful topping.

Delicious 8 plates packed as the luxury Obento

Enjoying the Geisha culture salon during the intermission

Tea ceremony

Under the guidance from Dr. Hiroshi Ogawa who from Edosenke(which is a tea ceremony school) , Geishas practice the tea ceremony.

Geishas presentat the tea ceremony in the intermission during the Azuma-Odori.

Fragrant tea and the graceful dessert let you enjoy the wonderful tea ceremony time.

Souvenir corner

Before curtain and during the intermission, Geisha also sell the souvenir.

The senjafuda using as Geisha's name cards, the time-honored shop or restaurants in Ginza, from Matsuzaki rice cracker to Azuma-odori rice cracker.

Much souvenir here makes you enjoying Shinbashi geisha industry's gorgeousness and delicious foods from the luxury restaurants.

Dom Perignon Champagne and Japanese cuisine

The Collaboration of really good quality champagne and Tokyo Kicho's sensitive plate.

As the famous one related with Azuma-odori, it is well-received.

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