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Otaru is a port city known for its breweries, glasswares and music box crafters, on the northern part of Hokkaido facing Ishikari Bay. It's a popular day trip for visitors staying in Sapporo, drawn by charming historical architecture and good food. Its elegant appearance makes it a magnet for film directors seeking charming settings for their movies and drama series, as well as novels. Vineyards and winemaking were encouraged as means to revitalize the city's tourism industry. As a result, Otaru wine got its claim to fame when it placed first nationally for the consumption of domestic wine.

Otaru is also an excellent place for food lovers. Its northern Hokkaido positioning makes it an excellent place to eat fresh Hokkaido crab, sushi and seafood. The Sankaku Fish Market (Triangle Fish Market) not only sells you the freshest catch of that morning, you can taste test some of their products and pop in to the nearby restaurants for the freshest donburi (rice bowls) and fish you've ever eaten. It's the perfect choice for a late breakfast or early lunch, together with a side of miso soup. Later in the day you can check out some of the many ramen shops in the area and try a glass or two of Otaru beer from the local brewery. See what kind of restaurants the Otaru area has to offer below!

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