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One of the largest entertainment districts in Japan, Susukino in Hokkaido is home of a spirited nightlife scene on the northern island. Many bars and restaurants become packed out, dishing up some of the best seafood and sake in Japan. Susukino and Sapporo have an abundance of delights, taking in a variety of cuisines from all corners of Hokkaido. The island is home to many species of crab, for those who want to brush up on their pincer-poking skills, Susukino is thriving with glorious seafood and crab specialty restaurants serving the latest fresh catches. Japan is crazy for ramen, and Hokkaido is no different. Miso is Hokkaido’s favorite take on the broth-based noodle-knotted soup, with several ramen joints found in close proximity down Ramen Alley (yokocho).
Another signature item is lamb, with the local dish known as “Genghis Khan”. Though it does not have a long and established pedigree (the first restaurant opened in 1936), this lamb dish has become popular with many eateries specializing in the meat. Ghenghis Khan is often enjoyed with beer or local sake. Hokkaido boasts an abundance of cattle farms, and with this, scrumptious dairy. See how many unusual flavored dairy-based treats you can find at stalls selling smooth cheese fondue and irresistible ice-creams, and that’s just for starters. From seafood and lamb, to ramen and ice-cream there is plenty in Susukino to keep you full, yet searching for more!

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