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Ikebukuro is one of the top hangouts for otaku culture enthusiasts, Japanese salarymen, and overseas tourists looking for a taste of home among the plethora of renowned international restaurants. A hectic center, Ikebukuro station is one of the busiest in Tokyo, only behind Shinjuku. Ikebukuro is also ranked by Tokyo residents as one of the top three most desirable places to live. Attractions in their own right, eateries draw in crowds with oodles of ramen, yakitori, gyoza, sushi and craft beer as well as halal food. Owl, rabbit and cat cafes are among the many unique themed cafes. Reserve a time slot and relax with animals in the surroundings while sipping on coffee, tea, or snacking on something sweet. If animals aren't your thing, try out a butler cafe and chat with the costumed butlers at your service. Butler cafes are more for the ladies, but everyone is welcome!

Sunshine City shopping complex houses a surplus of shops, restaurants and cafes. Enter a tropical escape at the rooftop aquarium or visit Namja Town, an indoor theme park with gyoza, desserts and games. Feast on dumplings in all sizes and varieties at the Gyoza stadium, delight in cute sweets, ice cream and crepes at Fukubukuro Dessert Yokocho, and when you’re finished with the food, head to Dokkingham Plaza to battle zombies, mononoke (spirits), mosquitoes and more. The north side of Ikebukuro houses a bustling Chinatown, with around 60 Chinese restaurants, worth checking out to appreciate the diversity Ikebukuro has to offer.

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