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Renowned as "The Ginza of Osaka," Kitashinchi is a bustling (adult) entertainment district that hugs the river along the southern side of Osaka Station. It comes alive at night during the week with a vibrant cluster of swanky neon-lit restaurants, bars, and night clubs overflowing with business patrons and salarymen hustling to entertain their clients. In the Edo Period it was known as the "Northern Red Light District," and was frequented by government officials and members of the aristocracy striking deals in the genteel company of geisha. Today it remains a rather secluded, high class neighborhood favored by its more private customers. Travelers coming just for fun will want to dress up in their classiest outfits to blend in with the posh crowd to get the full effect of this sumptuous experience.

While the cost has become more reasonable over the years, you'll still be dishing out a pretty penny for this top-tier dining experience. Kitashinchi's restaurants, clubs, bars and cafes create a glimmering ambiance that is not to be missed, often serving luxurious dishes at equally luxurious prices. Dine at one of these lavish establishments and taste some fabulous kaiseki cuisine (a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner), crispy tempura seafood and vegetables and savory udon noodle soup.

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