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Shinagawa is a district brimming with life and oozing with tantalizing food from some of Japan’s top restaurants. As a bustling transportation and financial hub, and with a shinkansen stop at Shinagawa station, the area’s restaurants cater to an influx of salarymen and travellers daily. Due to the busy nature of this demographic, Shinatatsu Ramen Street came to be. Offering 7 different ramen restaurants tucked down a street alongside Shinagawa JR station, it is for a must-visit for ravenous ramen lovers.
Shinagawa offers an array of harbor-side restaurants with glowing views of Tokyo. The establishments here cater more to the high-end gourmand, with plenty of quality menu options and craft-beer to satisfy even the most insatiable of taste-buds. Izakaya are everywhere in Shinagawa, with elaborate all-you-can-eat tabehoudai signs usually in view. Expect a noisy, atmospheric ambiance combined with plenty of barbeque food, think yakitori, yakiniku and a healthy dose of offal. For those wanting to eat something from a little closer to home, Shinagawa also has an abundance of international restaurants serving up food from all corners of the earth.
There is a large sake culture in Shinagawa, evident by number of beer gardens that appear during the summer. Shinagawa also hosts the annual Bruzellensis Beer Festival, bringing over some of the best food and beer from Belgium!
You are likely to be within walking distance of just about any type of restaurant in Shinagawa, a district that can offer more than just a full stomach!

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