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Sendai is a neat little area in Miyagi Prefecture in Tohoku. As far as scenery goes, it's got the best of both worlds - nestled between the mountains and the sea, surrounded by greenery. Its proximity to the sea means the restaurants are always stocked with the freshest seafood from the Shiogama Fish Market, serving delicacies like sushi, sasa kamaboko (white fish cakes), and harakomeshi (salmon belly meat marinated and diced, served mixed in to rice along with salmon roe). The mountainous grassy terrain is home to plenty of cow pastures providing restaurants with succulent cuts of Sendai gyutan, or beef tongue, ready to be grilled to absolute perfection.

Local shops and restaurants use regional ingredients like the widely popular Sendai miso, a deep red miso made with locally grown soybeans and packed with umami (flavor). If you fancy the fresh taste of soybeans, another tasty treat to try is zunda, or sweetened mashed edamame, made only in this area. It can be eaten in a variety of ways, including in zundamochi, zunda cakes, and as a topping for toast.

See below for a list of recommended restaurants and delicacies special to Sendai, and experience for yourself all that Sendai has to offer!

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